Jumbo Volleyball

Activity insights:

Brace yourselves for a larger than life experience! This Jumbo Volleyball activity is riddled with fun and excitement where teams have to manoeuvre a ball with a diameter that is close to double the size of an average human.

How it is done:

Considering the size of the ball, the activity will require four teams playing at the same time. Every member has to be positioned appropriately and put in all his/her might to steer the ball in the air and pass it on to the opposite team.


  1. Group Size: 60 -200 (20 – 25 per team)
  2. Activity Time: 30 – 35 minutes
  3. Preferred Setting: Outdoors
  4. Neuron Activity Level: Light

Activity Target:

On one hand, this activity aims to instil the importance of team collaboration, working towards a common goal, communication and problem-solving skills. On the other hand, the fun and thrill of the task jolt members out of their boredom. They come back to work completely refreshed and energised.

Key Takeaways:

Team collaboration

Right from being able to hold the jumbo sized ball to steering it, this activity cannot be executed without the willing collaboration of the team members. The contribution of each member is extremely valuable in executing the task. Members realise how powerful team collaboration can be in getting the desired results. This learning gets carried on to the office scenario as well.


Communication is necessary for a stellar performance, without which the desired results cannot be achieved. This activity demonstrates the significance of communication in successfully completing any given task at hand.

Team spirit

When participants collaborate with each other towards the common goal of emerging victorious and also enjoy doing so, it nurtures team bonding and the spirit if comrade's.

Problem-solving skills

During the execution of the task, unexpected problems may surface. A winning team is the one which is able to work through the problems and solve them effectively keeping the end goal in mind. The activity showcases that problems are a part and parcel of any project, but how you work across it makes all the difference in yielding results.

Competitive Spirit

Healthy competition is always good as it pushes the participants to bring out their very best to complete the task at hand. It shakes them off their complacency and makes them alert.


30 – 45 Mins

Activity Time

60 - 200

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level


Preferred Setting

Group 14Created with Sketch.CORECompetenciesCoordinationTrustStrategymakingTeamSynchronizationCommunicationImprovesinterdependencies

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