Tic Tac Toe

Activity insights:

Highly charged and a bundle of fun, this Tic Tac Toe activity is a bigger version of the popular zero and cross game played during school days!

How it is done:

The same rules of the traditional tic tac toe game apply. The only difference is that here every move will be played by a different member. One wrong decision and the entire team loses.


  1. Group Size: 15 – 16 per team
  2. Activity Time: 15 to 20 minutes
  3. Preferred Setting: Indoor/Outdoor
  4. Neuron Activity Level: Easy

Activity Target:

This activity is aimed at enhancing the employees' decision making and strategizing skills. Participants learn how to cope under pressure and realise the value of individual contribution for the success of any task.

Key Takeaways:

Problem solving:

To conduct any task efficiently, it is imperative to overcome problems that crop up along the way. This activity encourages participants to approach the problems head on and come up with strategic solutions that will eventually help them achieve their goal.

Fun and motivation:

This activity brings in the fun and motivation factor, keeping the members of the team highly charged up and on their toes all the time. Participants can go back to the office with a renewed sense of energy.

Decision making:

Being able to make important decisions is highly important to execute any project and impacts the success of its outcome. This activity promotes decision-making skills where the teams should have their plans A, B, C and D chalked out. Every member needs to have a clear idea as to how they are going to execute their next move.

Adaptability to changing circumstances:

This activity is highly unpredictable where nobody can foretell what the outcome is going to be at every stage. Members should to be alert and come up with a solution based on the last result. The game thus throws light on the importance of adapting to changing circumstances.


15 - 20 Mins

Activity Time

12 - 16

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level

Indoors / Outdoors

Preferred Setting

Group 14Created with Sketch.CORECompetenciesFunand motivationProblemsolvingDecisionmakingWorkingtowards common goalsCommunicationAdaptability

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