Treasure Hunt and Paint the canvas

Activity insights:

This activity has two parts – a treasure hunt and a canvas painting activity that must be completed simultaneously. This is a high energy game that involves every member in the team, coupled with a spirited competition that keeps everyone on their toes. The canvas that is finally created can be put up in your office space as a constant reminder of how effective teams can achieve any goal.

How it is done?

Trebound facilitators divide the teams such that they are not grouped with team members they are already familiar with. The grouping is done in order to encourage employees get to know all their colleagues well. Teams will be required to delegate jobs among themselves, while also performing each task diligently and efficiently.

Activity Target:

This activity intends to enhance team performance for all levels of management - from the executive to the leadership levels. It is designed for any team that needs effective communication, coordination, and team building.

Key Takeaways:

Team Building:

The primary objective of this exercise is to improve team building for your organization. This activity will help team members understand that each person has a specific and important role to play, which if not completed can adversely impact the performance of the organisation.


No goal can be achieved without good communication, as it forms the foundation of great performance. This activity will help team members understand this importance, thus making them aware of how they can improvise their skills and thus bridge the gap in communication even while at work.


When any complex activity is to be completed, several people are required to be involved, albeit in different capacities. Even if one person is unable to complete his/her in time, the final result takes a beating. Through this activity, team members will understand the importance of accurate delegation, along with other skills such as coordination and commitment if the team is to achieve success.

Problem Solving:

Unexpected problems often arise during the course of any task. A good team is one that is able to overcome these problems, without compromising on performance or goal. This activity will give team members an understanding of how problems are inevitable; and that effective problem solving is possible when all team members think creatively and implement these solutions efficiently.


2 - 3 Hour

Activity Time

60 - 200

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level


Preferred Setting

Group 14Created with Sketch.CORECompetenciesCreativityProblemsolvingConstructivecriticismRisk TakingTeammanagementOvercomingfear of contributing

Ideal For

Bigger Picture Thinking and Common Goals, Cross-Functional Working

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