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Plan Your Next Team Outing In These Breath-taking Destinations

Explore Unforgettable Destinations for Corporate Team Outings

Embark on a journey of team-building excellence. Choose from 60 breathtaking destinations to create lasting memories and foster camaraderie

Explore Unforgettable Destinations for Corporate Team Outings

Embark on a journey of team-building excellence. Choose from 60 breathtaking destinations to create lasting memories and foster camaraderie

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More than 96537+ employees across the globe love the fun experience of our activities

Sarika Malhotra Anand
The energy and enthusiasm the team brings is phenomenal, the activities are designed to be all-inclusive and keeping the core essence of team work and coordination. We have worked with them for two years now and would highly recommend, these guys are a fantastic team “the best people doing the job”  :)
Arthy Sankaran
We did the around the world in 60 minutes and it was lots of fun. While the focus was on cracking the puzzle but it was also good fun to work as a team and learn facts about the new places
Claudio Russo
The team is super energetic and their activities are extremely enjoyable! Highly recommended :)
Meaghan Shanahan
Had a great team event with Trebound doing a murder mystery with team members Zooming in from 6+ countries and cities around the world. Very well thought out, great visuals that allowed our team to dig into various aspects of the case and suspects, and good structure to the session for breakouts, etc. Would definitely recommend.
Julianne Bell
Great and fun time had by all! Very engaging facilitators, and a great way for our team to bond and solve puzzles together -- look forward to the next one!
Shivam Jha
We have had 3 sessions with Trebound, they have always come up with unique team engagement activities, which are so fun also. Love having them, hope they keep creating new activities.
Matthew Visone
Great for a team event. Very fun and interactive
Yashita Arora
When it comes to Virtual Team Engagement, I think Trebound has done a fabulous job to make our event a grand success. The inhibitions we had were quickly resolved and the sessions we had before actually going live, took care of all the queries and gave us the confidence that we can make our "PMI Bangalore Chapter Voluntary Meet 2020" event a new experience in this new normal.

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