May 11, 2023

13 Fun Internship Team Building Activities & Games

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The realm of internships has undergone a transformative evolution, emerging as a pivotal bridge between academic learning and the practical experience essential for professional development. Internships provide an invaluable opportunity for young talents to immerse themselves in real-world work environments. To maximize the potential of these experiences, creating a collaborative and engaging atmosphere is crucial. Internship team building activities and games are instrumental in fostering cohesion, enabling interns to connect, learn, and thrive. In this comprehensive article, we delve into 13 immersive activities and games designed to bolster team unity and unleash the full potential of your intern cohort.

1. Icebreaker Bingo: Forging Connections

Commencing with a classic icebreaker activity, Icebreaker Bingo introduces a twist to the traditional game. Create Bingo cards customized with fun facts or unique attributes of each intern. The objective? Encourage interns to interact and discover colleagues who match the descriptions on their Bingo cards. This game serves as an engaging icebreaker, facilitating networking, enhancing communication, and kickstarting relationships in a fun and lighthearted manner.

2. Internship Scavenger Hunt: Navigating the Workspace

A well-planned scavenger hunt not only adds an element of adventure but also helps interns become familiar with their new office environment and colleagues. Provide a list of clues or tasks that lead interns to various locations or coworkers within the organization. This interactive and team-based game promotes effective teamwork and ensures that interns are well-acquainted with their work environment.

3. Escape Room Challenge: Puzzling Teamwork

Immerse your interns in a virtual escape room adventure. The challenge? To collaboratively solve puzzles, riddles, and mysteries as a team. This activity serves as an exceptional test of problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and teamwork. As interns work together to decipher clues and escape the virtual room, they not only enhance their problem-solving abilities but also build strong bonds.

4. Pictionary Showdown: Unleash Creativity

Pictionary, a lively and creative game, is the ideal choice to boost interns' creativity and communication skills. Divide interns into teams and have them draw and guess various words or phrases. The essence of this game lies in effective teamwork, encouraging creative thinking, and enhancing communication skills.

5. Speed Networking: Building Professional Connections

One of the primary reasons interns join your organization is to build a professional network. A speed networking session allows interns to engage in quick, structured conversations with various employees. This activity not only helps interns make valuable connections within the company but also enhances their networking skills, a critical asset in today's professional world.

6. Lunch and Learn: A Culinary Knowledge Sharing

Foster a culture of continuous learning by organizing "Lunch and Learn" sessions. Interns can enjoy a meal together while gaining insights about different facets of the company. Invite guest speakers or senior employees to share their expertise and experiences. These sessions provide a valuable platform for learning and building connections among interns.

7. Internship Olympics: Fun and Friendly Competition

Transform your workplace into an "Internship Olympics" arena. Develop a series of entertaining yet competitive challenges, such as office chair races or paper plane contests. This lighthearted competition serves as a fantastic team-building exercise, encouraging camaraderie, friendly rivalry, and an enjoyable break from the regular work routine.

8. Team Building Workshops: Professional Skill Enhancement

Internships offer a unique opportunity for professional development. Conduct team-building workshops that focus on vital skills such as communication, problem-solving, and leadership. These workshops are designed to help interns grow both personally and professionally, making the most of their internship experience.

9. Company Trivia Night: Learning Through Fun

Host a company trivia night with questions related to your organization's history, culture, and industry. It's an engaging way for interns to familiarize themselves with the company while bonding over shared knowledge. This fun-filled activity creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie among interns.

10. Internship Mentorship Program: Guided Growth

Pair each intern with a mentor within the organization. This one-on-one mentorship provides invaluable guidance to interns, helping them navigate their roles, adapt to the company culture, and establish a support system. Mentorship is a long-term investment in the growth and success of interns.

11. Internship Showcase: Recognizing Achievements

Give interns the platform to showcase their skills and projects. Whether it's a presentation, a mini-exhibition, or a pitch session, this activity allows interns to shine and receive recognition for their contributions. It's an opportunity for interns to demonstrate their abilities and build a strong portfolio.

12. Company-Related Volunteering: Cultivating Corporate Responsibility

Engage interns in company-related volunteering activities, such as charity drives, community events, or environmental initiatives. These experiences instill a sense of corporate responsibility and camaraderie among interns. It's a chance for interns to give back to the community while bonding with their peers.

13. Feedback and Reflection Sessions: Learning from Experience

Regular feedback and reflection sessions are instrumental in the growth of interns. Encourage open dialogue, where interns can share their experiences, challenges, and suggestions. This not only helps them improve but also strengthens their connection to the organization, making them feel valued and heard.

By incorporating these internship team building activities and games into your program, you create an enriching experience for your interns. These activities not only foster teamwork and camaraderie but also provide a platform for skill development, networking, and a deeper understanding of your company's culture. By investing in the growth and satisfaction of your interns, you're also investing in the future success of your organization.

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