June 22, 2023

Exploring Corporate Team Outings in Bangalore: Top 15

Bangalore is one of the best places in India for organizing such wonderful corporate team outings.
“Teamwork makes ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.”

It is imperative for organizations to commit time and resources to improve the teamwork and collaboration among teams. Why should companies spend time, cost and effort here? The corporate team outings enhance productivity, creativity, and trust among teams. Not only that, the team outings also serve as a welcome break from work and make employees motivated and satisfied. And again, due to amplified happiness and motivation, the productivity ultimately improves. Another aspect here is that the colleagues set out to establish hidden skills, they identify common interests with each other and bond beyond a mere workplace relationship. To summarise, the corporate outings create a win-win situation, benefiting both the employers and the employees.

Bangalore is one of the best places in India for organizing such wonderful corporate team outings. There are nature rich scenic locations, beautiful places to engage varied groups in making it unique when you organize corporate team outings in Bangalore. If you are looking at making a difference during corporate team outing in Bangalore, look no further, you have picked a beautiful place. The weather is almost always excellent. Bangalore, despite a lot of industrial development, still has huge pockets of greenery for people to enjoy. Let us now look at 15 most interesting things about corporate team outings in Bangalore.

(1) An opportunity to rejuvenate your teams in beautiful Resorts in Bangalore

You cannot go wrong with resorts in and around Bangalore. The resorts offer space to conduct the variety of activities, different types of outdoor playing courts and grounds for the sports-loving crowd, swimming pools or water bodies for people to lounge into paintball and go-karting.

Are your teams tired? Let your team eat sumptuous meals, enjoy the perfectly lush greens and relax by playing indoor activities.

(2) How about sumptuous team lunches as a part of corporate team outings in Bangalore?

Team Lunch might sound simple, but the ambiance and variety of cuisines offered in lunch spots in Bangalore will be a great treat to your winning team. Team lunches as a part of corporate team outing build camaraderie and boost productivity. There are studies and statistics show that the firefighters perform much better when they eat together.

Is stress in the global work culture any lesser than what firefighters go through?

(3) Want to spend more time with your team? Corporate team dinner outing in Bangalore is the best option.

For reasons similar to team lunches, the team dinner outings again foster teamwork and bonding. The dinner parties in an amazing ambiance and a colorful environment provide great opportunities to build and broaden the network. The dinner corporate team outing works better if you want to build relationships with customers, colleagues and other stakeholders.

Do not bother about building calories! The same can be burnt with the adventures team outings in Bangalore later.

(4) Wake up the sports enthusiasts in your team in the upcoming corporate team outings in Bangalore

Sports activities during corporate team outing are the best choice, especially if you want to celebrate a winning team. Make them take part in sports activities like football, golf, cricket, etc., There are resorts and stadiums offer a huge space to engage large groups in such outdoor sports activities in Bangalore. Did you know Eagleton Resort in Bangalore has a large golf course?

Make a great difference by giving your team an elevated experience!

(5) Have you ever considered community-building events as corporate team outings in Bangalore?

The community building events build a ‘sense of bonding’ among your teams. The team works towards achieving a goal that elevates the community as a whole. The satisfaction that the team achieves here cannot be measured. What is the advantage your team gains here? Mainly, they realize the importance of working in a shared vision. In addition, they also learn to collaborate and communicate effectively.

(6) Have you ever taken your teams to the wineries in and around Bangalore?

Nevertheless, of having teetotallers in a team, touring wineries is one of the best options for the corporate team outings in Bangalore. The beautifully organized wine tours provide a great and diverse experience to your teams. They get to learn the nuances involved in making wine, not only looking here but also you get to taste different wine varieties.

(7) Farmhouses and Homestay in Bangalore - strengthens your team bonding as you take them out on corporate team outings

Even a day’s stay in a farm can do lot wonders in energizing the spirits. A day away from the hustle and bustle of the city to a quiet farmhouse or a homestay can be very relaxing. Just going out with your team and enjoying the tranquillity and calmness will benefit a lot. You will notice a difference when your team gets back to work. The fresh and clean air to breath, home-made food to relish, it will sure revitalize and rejuvenate employees and will be a nice getaway from the routine!

(8) Make your team interact more with nature through Forest Visits in Bangalore

While a farmhouse is interactive with nature, a visit to a forest makes your corporate team outing ‘intensely’ interact with nature. Forest trekking is for the adventures types in your team. It can be both exciting and relaxing, and, indeed a good place for introspection. For a change, why not let the teams enjoy based on their own interest?

(9) Push and test your limits and get rid of inhibitions in adventure camps

The Adventure camps are, as the name suggests, the adventures activities your teams get involved. Your team goes on nature trekking, go-karting, and sky-gliding as a part of adventures camps. You can choose among of various adventure sports, both individual and team-based available in plenty in Bangalore.

(10) Bring out the child in you during Theme Park outings in Bangalore

There are very few places that make you feel young again, theme parks are one of them. ‘Wonderla’ being the most famous one, there are many theme parks located in Bangalore. A trip to a theme park will be exciting, invigorating and make the employees feel very refreshed.

(11) Passive aggression as the team chills out in camps during corporate team outing in Bangalore

Imagine a day camping out in the wild. Close your eyes and listen to the trees and birds playing a nice music that caresses your heart & mind. Isn’t it more than enough reason to go camping and being in the wild? Especially, just with your team, is a very good way to grow closer together.

(12) Give back to the society through volunteering as corporate team outing in Bangalore

Outreach volunteering as a corporate team outing brings in accountability and sensibility among teams. It makes employees feel good about themselves for contributing to the enrichment of the society they belong to. Highly uplifting and greatly boosting the self-esteem of your team.

(13) Dance & Music night as corporate team outings in Bangalore

Employees enjoy a night dancing and singing with each other. The music and dance night is a great way to bond with other colleagues outside work. What makes this even more alluring is the variety of choices you have! From a night of relaxing classical music to a karaoke night to dancing it out to the latest Bollywood hits, there are different ways that the teams can celebrate special moments

(14) Did you know that the business games during corporate team outings in Bangalore can bring more dynamism?

Business games give you and your team a complete refreshing around teamwork, innovation, creativity, leadership and more. The participants play and achieve their most vital goals by simulating new, creative methods of entrepreneurial thinking, and problem-solving. It is a great way to grow, both as a team and as an individual.

(15) Embrace the roots in a Nature Camps in Bangalore!

A huge stress buster, nature camps are the home of peace and tranquillity, a getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where the teams can connect with nature and get rid of all negativities. It does wonders for an employee mentally and is a great way to refresh and invigorate.

All these most important things about corporate team outings in Bangalore are the great way to foster teamwork, revitalize and rejuvenate teams. The team outings go a long way towards improving employee satisfaction and productivity. Involve them in planning to make it more interesting!    

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