July 19, 2023

19 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas, Games, & Activities

Host a memorable virtual Christmas party with 19 festive ideas, games, and activities to spread holiday cheer and create a joyful atmosphere.

Christmas is the season of joy, and even when you're celebrating virtually, there are plenty of ways to make it festive and memorable. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore 19 exciting Christmas party ideas, games, and activities that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Let's bring the holiday spirit to your virtual gathering!

1. Virtual Secret Santa

Maintain the tradition of Secret Santa by organizing a virtual gift exchange. Platforms like Elfster make it easy to draw names and exchange presents online. It's a heartwarming activity that brings the joy of gift-giving to your virtual Christmas party. Make sure to set a budget for gifts, and let the surprise and excitement of Secret Santa fill your virtual celebration.

2. Ugly Sweater Contest

Encourage your virtual guests to put on their silliest and most outrageous Christmas sweaters. Hold a contest to decide who has the ugliest, funniest, or most creative one. It's a light-hearted way to add some humor to your virtual gathering. You can even create categories like "Most Creative," "Tackiest," or "Funniest" to make the contest more exciting.

3. Online Christmas Caroling

Gather your virtual choir and sing some beloved Christmas carols together. Everyone can take turns choosing their favorite songs. It's a wonderful way to bring the sound of the season to your online celebration. You can use video conferencing platforms to synchronize your singing, and don't forget to share the lyrics in advance. After all, the more, the merrier.

4. Christmas Movie Night

Host a virtual movie night and watch classic Christmas films simultaneously. Platforms like Netflix Party allow you to sync your screens and chat while watching. You can vote on the movie or select a different one each week throughout the holiday season. Create a cozy movie-watching environment with some hot cocoa and popcorn for the complete experience.

5. Virtual Gingerbread House Contest

Send gingerbread house kits to your virtual attendees in advance. Then, during your Christmas party, hold a decorating contest. Everyone can showcase their creations, and you can vote for the best gingerbread house. It's a creative and delicious activity that will surely get everyone's competitive spirit going. Make sure to have plenty of icing and candy decorations on hand.

6. Online Scavenger Hunt

Organize a Christmas-themed virtual scavenger hunt. Create a list of holiday-related items or decorations that participants need to find around their homes. The first one to complete the list wins a prize. It's an interactive and engaging game for all ages. You can use a video call to show off the items you've found and discuss your holiday decorations.

7. Christmas Trivia

Test your guests' knowledge of Christmas with a fun trivia game. You can prepare questions about holiday traditions, movies, and songs. Trivia games are a great way to keep everyone engaged and entertained during your virtual party. To make it even more exciting, offer small prizes for correct answers or a grand prize for the trivia champion.

8. Virtual Wine or Hot Chocolate Tasting

Ship wine or hot chocolate kits to your virtual guests, and host a tasting session during your online party. An expert can guide you through the tasting, or you can simply enjoy trying different flavors and sharing your thoughts. It's an excellent activity for adults, and you can discuss your favorite pairings and recommendations.

9. DIY Ornament Making

Send ornament-making kits to your virtual attendees. During the party, everyone can craft their own ornaments and show them off. It's a creative activity that results in unique keepsakes for the holiday season. Make sure to provide a variety of craft supplies like ribbons, paint, and beads for everyone's artistic expressions.

10. Christmas Pajama Party

Host a Christmas pajama party where everyone dons their coziest holiday sleepwear. You can enjoy a virtual dinner or bedtime stories in your festive pajamas. It's a comfortable and relaxed way to celebrate. You can even play soothing Christmas music in the background and share your favorite bedtime stories to create a cozy atmosphere.

11. Virtual Potluck

Plan a virtual potluck where each guest contributes a dish or drink to the meal. You can showcase your culinary skills and enjoy a wide array of delicious foods during your Christmas party. Share recipes in advance, and consider themes like "Traditional Holiday Dishes" or "International Christmas Delicacies" to make it more interesting.

12. Online Holiday Charades

Play a game of virtual charades with a Christmas twist. Everyone can act out holiday-themed words or phrases. Charades is a fun and interactive game that can lead to lots of laughter. You can use virtual charades generators or create your list of holiday-related words. Be prepared for lots of hilarious moments and some head-scratching attempts at charades.

13. Holiday Card Exchange

Organize a virtual holiday card exchange. Participants can design and send digital or physical cards to each other. It's a thoughtful and heartfelt way to connect during the holiday season. You can encourage participants to share their favorite holiday memories, stories, or what they're grateful for in the cards. It's a great way to spread warmth and cheer virtually.

14. Online Christmas Craft Session

Set up a virtual crafting session where you can make holiday-themed crafts together. Whether it's creating wreaths, decorating stockings, or making paper snowflakes, crafting is a creative and engaging way to spend time together online. Share your progress and get inspiration from each other's creations.

15. Christmas Karaoke

Sing your hearts out with a virtual Christmas karaoke session. You can take turns performing your favorite holiday songs or duet with a friend. Karaoke is a lively and entertaining activity that brings out the festive spirit. Don't forget to choose your songs in advance and warm up those vocal cords.

16. Virtual Polar Express Night

Relive the magic of "The Polar Express" with a virtual storytime session. You can have someone read the beloved holiday story, complete with hot chocolate and cookies. Encourage your guests to wear their coziest pajamas and imagine they're on a magical train ride to the North Pole. It's a heartwarming and nostalgic activity.

17. Christmas Tree Show and Tell

Have each guest showcase their Christmas tree and share its unique decorations. Whether it's a themed tree, a vintage collection, or a tree adorned with handmade ornaments, it's a heartwarming way to participate in a cherished holiday tradition.

18. Christmas Poetry or Storytelling

Encourage your guests to share their favorite holiday poems or stories. Whether it's a classic poem or a personal anecdote, storytelling is a wonderful way to connect and celebrate the holiday spirit.

19. Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Contest

Send gingerbread cookie decorating kits to your virtual attendees. Then, during your Christmas party, hold a decorating contest. Everyone can showcase their creations, and you can vote for the best gingerbread cookies. It's a creative and delicious activity that will surely get everyone's competitive spirit going.


With these 19 virtual Christmas party ideas, games, and activities, you can make your online celebration as festive and enjoyable as an in-person gathering. The holiday spirit is about connecting, sharing, and having fun, no matter the distance. So, gather your virtual guests, put on your Christmas sweaters, and get ready for a memorable and joyful celebration that will warm your hearts and create lasting holiday memories.

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