Singapore's 2019 Unique Team Building Activities

Team building activities help in greater employee engagement with better and improved communication between superiors, subordinates, and colleagues.

Top Team Building Activities In Singapore

With the change in time and advancements in technologies, the corporate world is facing unique challenges and to overcome these challenges, human resources or the employees of the company plays a vital role. It is, therefore, becoming vital than ever to have a strong, unified team working towards the achievement of common goals and objectives. Thus, many companies and organizations organize a variety of team building activities from time to time that helps them keep the teams intact and as a cohesive unit. Some of the major advantages that can be gained from organizing these activities are-

Icebreaker- These activities also aim at building respect and trust for each other among the employees. These activities help in handling the problem of disconnect that is usually seen between employees and higher management or leadership. Activities that encourage employees to see their boss as a part of their team working towards the same goal boosts their morale and acts as a perfect icebreaker.

Employee Motivation- Team building and team motivation go hand in hand. If the employees feel comfortable working in a company where they can express their ideas, thoughts, and opinions openly and freely, their confidence and morale level increases to a significant extent.

Fosters Creativity- When outdoor team building activities are organized, employees get exposed to newer experiences that encourage them to indulge in out of the box thinking. This ignites creativity, innovation, and fresh ideas.

Improved Communication- Team building activities also help in greater employee engagement with better and improved communication between superiors, subordinates, and colleagues. An improvement in office politics results in improved work quality and performance.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills- When faced with unique challenges, the team is encouraged to look for unique problem-solving ideas. They learn to think strategically and rationally which helps them to hone their skills when faced with sudden crisis situation.

Here, we bring you to the top team building activities in Singapore that allow the corporate world to enjoy benefits as mentioned above.


It is an interesting team building activity where the team experience a challenge where they have to work on building a working model of Rube Goldberg. The teams are given suitable raw materials for the task, using which they have to complete the challenge. They have to think and plan to emerge as a winner in this activity. Building a self-running mechanism is not as easy as it seems. The team has to pool in their thinking abilities, skills and knowledge to get this actuator mechanism work which helps them to forge a strong relationship with each other.

Kontiki Boat Building Challenge

As the name suggests, the team has to come together and build a Kontiki boat which is then tested in a boat race. The necessary items to build the boat is assigned to the team using which they have to build the boat. They will also receive detailed instructions and blueprints for this purpose. The teams will be judged on the basis of décor, design, functionality, and cohesiveness. Once the boat is built, it is tested by going the old fashioned way of boat racing.

Formula 1 Racing

It is an exciting team building challenge where the teams are entrusted with a job to build an actual working model of Formula 1 Racing car. They are given necessary raw materials to build the man-powered car. Right from the designing stage to the implementation stage, every step of the challenge has to be perfected. Once the car model is built, teams can use designing elements to impart branding to their models. There can be aggressive colours and fiery logos that complete its looks. Once done, the team races the car in a head to head race and emerge as winners.

RC Challenge

The Remoto Car Challenge entails collaboration and competition between teams. They have to work together in a perfect tandem where they build bridges, circuits, and tracks where they race their remote-controlled cars and the team that comes first in the shortest time is declared as the winner. It is a perfect team bonding activity that encourages team members to come and work together on designing and building a robust bridge that can sustain the weight of these cars when it zooms past.

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster activity is a very stimulating challenge. The team is expected to build a structure to displace a ball using the laws of gravity. The roller coaster has to be built using pipes, wooden canes, and zip ties which is then used for displacing a ball from one point to another. The facilitator provides the team with a design brief and details of the minimum length to be followed. Each section has to build a part of the track which is then joined together used as a track which is then tested. The teams are given bonus points for drops, loops, and spirals.

Pyramid Building

It is a unique team building challenge where team members are required to make plans, implement them flawlessly, and make the optimal utilization of resources. In this innovative activity, the team is assigned with necessary tools, equipment, and detailed plans of construction. They are expected to make the best use of waste, random material to build pyramids. After pyramids of individual teams are built, it is decorated using company colours, logos, message, etc., to give it a branding advantage. A giant pyramid is assembled and formed with close team collaboration.


The above-mentioned team building activities help team members with different skill sets, knowledge, and capabilities to come together and be a part of these activities. Soon they start communicating, collaborating and problem-solving which creates a strong bond between them. The unseen barriers between them seem to melt away and they emerge as a robust and cohesive unit. The benefits of these activities are enormous and it is, for this reason, more and more companies and organizations plan them to bring their employees together pursuing a common goal. The work productivity and performance increases to a significant extent which helps and make a remarkable difference to the bottom line of the company. 

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