Remote Team Fun: 7 Surprising Ideas for Online Meetings

Here are Seven ways to have fun during online meetings with your team to keep the fun alive until you return to regular office days.

Do you miss the good old days at the office? We know you do! 

We all miss those good old office days! 

Before anything, let’s take a moment to recall the good old memories of those days at the office. 


- Those Funny cubicle conversations.

- Lunch break discussions and mouth-watering lunchboxes.

- Evening coffee /Tea gossips with teammates.

- Funny and heart-warming team bonding sessions.

- Celebrating birthdays and festivals together.

- Consoling pats and high-five celebrations.

And the list goes on. There's no doubt in saying that live workspaces were fun and have incorporated strong bonds between employees.

The pandemic crisis with the norms of social distancing is making it challenging for employees to stay connected with each other. Ever since employees have switched to a new normal i.e., "Work from home," there has been a severe lack of fun. As a result, employees are burnt out and bored with too much work!

How do you make your online meetings memorable with some good fun time until you return to regular office days?

Here are Seven ways to have fun during online meetings with your co-workers!

1. Share personal stories:

Sharing each other's personal story helps teammates to bond at a deeper level. Hearing other's personal stories can be inspiring and motivating. It can also help team members understand each other's constraints, strengths, and weaknesses, creating a high transparency level.

The stories can be anything from sharing your most embarrassing moment to the tough times you have gone through in career and learning.

2. Virtual Charades:

Dumb charades have always been a go-to game in family gatherings. It can also be played at work to get rid of boredom instantly. 

And Here's how you can play virtual charades:

  • Break your whole team into two groups. Let's say 'Team A' and 'Team B.'
  • A person from team A has to act the word or phrase told by team B.
  • Since its virtual, team B has to text the word or phrase to that person who will act from team A.
  • Team A scores a point if they can guess the word with the help of the act.
  • Then the process repeats for both the teams.

To make it more fun, you can also draw instead of acting (related words or phrases in the whiteboard by sharing his screen).

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3. Have a tea party:

Get ready with your teacup. Sharing tea with your peers can keep the fun alive, even in the virtual workspace. Cracking jokes on each other or showing your tea time place at your home would be super fun.

You never know, you might discover some of your teammates' funny habits or know the history of the tea Cup that he /she has been using since childhood. It can be any party based on your convenience, like a weekend lunch party or dinner together.

"Picture Abhi Baki hai mere dost." The next one is known to crack some ultimate fun.

4. Enact your favorite dialogue:

You like something only when you can relate to it or when it hits you so hard deep inside. Yes! Movie dialogues have that power. Be it any genre; It can be any dialogue of fun, drama, serious, or that life-changing Gyan;)

Just try this in your next online meeting, as we said, you will witness a blast of laughter.

5. Walkthrough your home:

Since the pandemic, 'hangouts' have transformed into 'virtual hangouts.' When you can't invite peers to your home, 'Virtual walk through your home' can be a great option. You can show them your room, arts, craft, childhood pictures, or tiny kitchen garden that have you started growing in the lockdown.

Please don't underestimate this activity. It can unravel the hidden secrets of each other's personality and helps you connect more.

6. Introduce your pet: 

Pets are known to be human's best companions. All the little things pets do, bring us loads of happiness. So why not take time to introduce your companion to your peers in your next online meeting. Not all of the teammates might have pets, though they love to have one. Let the funny acts of your pets take away all stress and worries of your team.

7. Host Virtual Team Building Activities:

Virtual team building activities for remote teams have promising effects on employees, creating a sense of togetherness and high engagement. The lost communication and much needed human interaction in your online workspace can be brought back with virtual team building activities.

Help your remote teams stay connected to boost their productivity to 10X times and work together hand in hand even when they are in social distance.

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