Empower Dreams: Unleashing Potential Through Fire Walk

Willingness to come out of the comfort zone leads to achieving success through transformation and living with contentment. Trebound’s team building activity ‘Fire
“Floundering in a pool of hesitation and trepidation constitutes of stagnation. You can’t rise from the ashes if you refuse to walk through the fire” – David Roppo, the author, speaker and a coach.

Hesitation is the mother of procrastination. Keep on waiting for the results without trying enough, overly thinking about what will go wrong and trapped between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are some of the stronger reasons that create a wall between ‘us’ and ‘success’. Thinking through deeply and analyzing the reasons will lighten up many factors that can take us to greater heights and achieve many victories. Like hesitation, there is numerous attributes act as a barrier to our growth.

The experiential learning method in the form of corporate team building games are the tools that can bring such transformation among employees. Fire-walk is one corporate team building activity which can break through all these barriers and elevate the employees to a different level and lead to contentment. A diminutive push and right guidance can change the mindset of human beings and transform them into superior performers.

In the World Happiness Report-2017 published by United Nations, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve from the University of Oxford and George Ward from London School of Economics have jointly reported regarding various factors that create happiness at the workplace.

They state in their report:

‘Apart from the higher income, work-life balance and other common indicators, those with jobs that entail high level of variety and the need to learn new things are more satisfied in their jobs & life and experience more positive emotions day-today. Further, the individual autonomy in the workplace is a significant driver of happiness: having control over how the workday is organized as well as the pace at which the employee works is positively correlated with the higher wellbeing outcomes.’

Let your employees learn the most important skills which will take them through all the hurdles and challenges life is packed with. This corporate team building activity will be the enthralling motivational session for the professionals who build your organization and fascinating experience to those winners over there. Let them change for the best.

What makes ‘Fire-Walk’ a highly effective and the most memorable moment of Learning Experience

(1) Experience speaks louder

‘Not the fruit of experience, the experience itself, is the end’, says Walter Peter. What does he mean here? There are certain life experiences make one feel that the strength they possessed but un-utilized fully is what helps them building courage and confidence. Not only the professional hiccups, such courage can be the most effective tool to manage many life challenges as well.

Fire-walk is one powerful team activity that creates a huge positive impact as an ‘experience itself’.

(2) Learning from Experience

"Experience is a hard teacher, because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards."

Isn’t an absolutely true and beautiful line from Vernon Saunders Law, the veteran baseball player to ponder about? Experiential learning is one of the best and most sought learning practice which is highly recommended by the scholars too. The attendees reap huge benefits and learn a lot while participating in this most challenging team building game. The debriefing helps in assessing the changes in the mindset, behavioral pattern and the willingness to relate the experience into real-time challenges.

(3) Post Experience Action Points

The third and the most important aspect, in fact, the key motive behind conducting such powerful team building activities in organizations is the post experience commitments. As the Trebound team examines the benefits post experience, it is highly factual that the attendees retain the energy level for a long time to come which gets transformed into a habit at one point in time.

The attendees actually do not discover any new worlds outside but indeed a beautiful world that they un-consciously hid in themselves. The potential that they discover from within and the unleashed capabilities flush out like a flood and the achievements become unimaginable.

All such greater changes start when the individuals get ready to come out of comfort zones & closed shell, take action amidst fear and anxiety, transform such fear into force, gain clarity in thought processes and build a fearless society that further elevates the life of the individuals.

3 Step Process to Self-Actualization: Understand and Utilise the ‘Absolute Potential’

Self-Actualization is the ultimate goal of the Fire-Walk, one of the most sought team building activities by corporate clients. The organismic theorist Kurt Goldstein’s term ‘Self-Actualization’ defines the motive or the goal of any organism as "the tendency to actualize itself as fully as possible is the basic drive.”

Step 1 → The minute the team decides to step on the fire bed, amidst having fear and self-doubt, taking the first step, and, in fact, the big step out of the ‘comfortable zone’ begins.

Step 2 → Further steps help in converting the self-doubt, fear, negative state of mind, anxiety into high self-esteem, focus, a strategic mindset in trainees.

Step 3 → This in-fact leads to self-actualization which is the realization of one’s complete potential and the power of willingness to change and its highly energetic impact in their life.

Trebound team has witnessed such an impact on their clients after conducting this unique and the supreme activity during corporate team outbound training.

Make your Employees Get Ready to Achieve the Goal

While setting the goals and targets, the process starts with an utmost consideration of what the company wants to achieve in a particular financial year, a quarter or within a particular time period. It doesn’t end with just setting the revenue growth and other success metrics, in fact, the overall growth is majorly depending on how the target is set.

The well-defined steps need to be planned well ahead so that the varied teams involved in the actions can achieve the set target. Moreover, the actualization of the target set is analyzed while the team plans the steps.

Fire walk, if experienced once, will aid in making the teams taking the right steps at the very first time as they quickly process the information, process, and planning.

No turning back from the path to success!!!

Fire Walk is one greater level activity that transforms the individual so that the cycle continues to bring in superior advancements in the humanity.


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