Mumbai Team Outing: Best Corporate Activities Guide

Here, we introduce you to some of the most popular group activities for corporate events in Mumbai that help increase bonding between coworkers.

In these modern times where people working in the corporate world must bear cut-throat competition, meet strict deadlines, accept challenges and overcome them, work with difficult coworkers and more, it is not unusual to see drooping shoulders, dull demeanors, and stressed individuals in an office. It indicates the need for team outings that can help inject a dose of cheer and excitement in tired and overworked employees. Studies confirm team outings to be the best way to facilitate stress reduction among employees. Moreover, they get a chance to communicate with each other and know more about each other which help in breaking the ice and establishing a cordial working relationship between them. Here, we introduce you to some of the most popular group activities for corporate events in Mumbai that help increase bonding between coworkers.

A Day in the Life of Mumbai Dabbawallas

Mumbai saw the beginning of Dabbawallas tradition almost 125 years ago. It is nothing less than a remarkable feat to prepare 80-million lunches a year and delivers across the length and breadth of Mumbai with utmost precision. It is a very successful business management model which is now being taught at many Western Universities. The system totally relies on human skills and work efficiently with a zero-error rate. Approximately 5000 Mumbai Dabbawallas deliver 2,50,000 dabbas in 36 hours/week around the year. Experts consider this business model as efficient as any Six Sigma Model. 

As part of corporate team outing, employees can enjoy first-hand experience watching Mumbai Dabbawallas follow an intricate system to deliver lunches on time. It is an amazing example of experiential learning that helps corporate teams learn and imbibe the best team coordination skills. As part of this activity, the teams can be divided into smaller groups who can experience working of different teams of Dabbawallas. The entire process ran smoothly and executed flawlessly. 

The process begins with picking up of dabbas, understanding its sorting process, working with speed and alacrity using bicycles or crowded Mumbai locals to deliver packed lunch boxes to its intended destination. Employee teams can interact with Dabbawallas team leaders and understand the complicated system and how it works efficiently without any error.

Corporate teams can enjoy an enriching Dabbawala experience and learn how to work in perfect tandem, how to ensure zero failure delivery, manage time, coordinate and communicate and are accountable and responsible for what you have been entrusted with.

Spending a Day with Budding Dharavi Entrepreneurs

Mumbai is a land of opportunities and every year; thousands of people arrive here with a lot of dreams hoping to realize them. Dharavi is a popular slum locality in Mumbai with a population of 700,000, sprawled in 2.1 square kilometers area. It is a densely populated area, but Dharavi entrepreneurs make optimal utilization of limited resources and space available to them generating an average revenue of US$1 billion every year. 

The Dharavi model is unique and offers exciting learning outcomes to the teams. Teams visit Dharavi and witness various manufacturers and artisans at work making potteries, textiles, recycling, garland making and more. It is a unique experience watching these entrepreneurs using their resourcefulness, interaction with others, resilience and more to build a successful business. Their innate skills taught to them by their difficult situations has helped them make this space a self-sufficient and self-sustained business place, that too, without any external aid. 

A vibrant local market in Dharavi also gives them a chance to identify and hone their sales and marketing capabilities. The corporate teams visiting Dharavi Entrepreneurs learn agility, adaptability, creativity, quality management, team management, and project management. It is a great learning experience for them.

Apptrotter-App Based Mumbai City Hunt

The primary aim of team building activities is to help coworkers learn and imbibe diverse skills. The results of such activities can be further escalated by choosing the right outdoor location. Since Mumbai is a city where dreams come true, any action-bound challenge given to a team delivers excellent results as the fun and excitement of the team is also at an all-time high. A limited budget is given to the teams, and they are expected to fulfil the activities making optimal use of budget. They may have to travel in local trains to achieve their goal which is a challenge. 

When the goal is achieved after putting in the best efforts, the feeling of achievement and motivation levels of the employees is immeasurable. Motivated employees are an asset to an organization and results in individual and organizational growth. A variety of activities and goals are planned for the teams like a photo scavenger hunt, QR Code, tasting street foods and more. The best takeaway from this team building activity is unbridled motivation amongst the team players. They also learn strategy building, gaining leadership skills, building trust on each other, think outside the box, and generally learn close coordination skills.

Khopoli Camp- Learning in the lap of nature

It is one of the popular corporate activity ideas wherein corporate employees are taken to the Lake Kalote, a perfect gateway nestled amidst nature’s marvels. The place is situated in the foothills of Sahyadri Mountains covered with mist and clouds. Teams can enjoy camping and indulge in activities like raft building, trekking, surviving in a jungle and diverse fun-filled team games and activities. This Khopoli Camp team outing can be planned as per precise company requirements. To enjoy an all-round experience, it is essential to give at least two days to this activity. 

A variety of adventure tasks with increasing complexity and difficulty levels are planned that keeps team members engaged and, on their foot, to excel and come out as a winner. It is a perfect example of the corporate leadership program and outdoor training. Team members learn leadership skills, team bonding, learning to make the best use of available resources, decision making and working efficiently after stepping out of the comfort zone.


The activities mentioned above have helped many corporate employees realize their potential and how together they can achieve tough objectives with complete camaraderie and coordinated approach. If you want to take a detailed look at our various team building activities, click here.



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