Pandemic Impact: Altered Workspace, Productivity Shift

Kids fighting, Sudden power cuts, Unreliable Wifi… Too many distractions hampering your productivity? We could hear you say, "yes! upside down."

Did the Pandemic change your workspace routines, hampering your productivity?

Kids fighting, Sudden power cuts, Unreliable Wifi… Too many distractions hampering your productivity? We could hear you say, "yes! upside down." 

So here’s an obvious question, Does working from home affect your productivity?

Be it our schedule between work and personal time or working from couches while munching our favourite snacks or trying to focus on our goals and To-Do lists, despite all the distractions staying productive while working from home is quite challenging.

We are not only changing our habits but also adapting to new habits due to some fears, worries, and changing scenarios.

How can employees stay focused when they could hear 'kids fight' from the next room? Sudden power cuts, Unreliable Wifi, and the breaking news on the TV that says, "there is an increase in a number of COVID cases in your locality." How could anyone's anxiety not spike up when they continuously hear such news.

WFH! 'Work From Home' that was a privilege for employees has now turned into a self struggle to keep ourselves productive and creative.

So how do you ensure productivity when working from home? How can you bring your best or help your remote team who lack productivity and bring back their A-game?

Here are five ‘work from home’ productivity tips that fix your virtual work life :

1. Deal with everyday distractions: 

The first step to overcoming your distraction is understanding the difference between break and distraction. Psychology says, taking breaks helps you can reduce mental fatigue, boost brain function, and keep us on-task for more extended periods.

But this Pandemic might make you feel the FOMO and make you consume all the unnecessary content. It will help if you control what interrupts you. Every beep from your mobile should not deviate you from your work.

2. Get yourself and your team aligned towards a shared vision: 

Bring all your coworkers together with fun virtual employee meetings and work as a team. Take the lead to have frequent meetings that make all remote employees work hand in hand and align towards a common goal.

Map it from the point where you are currently and where you want to go as a team. Building trust to unite the remote team needs some effort when we are fighting our own battles in this uncertainty. But the easy way to help your team bond is with fun and interactive virtual team meetings.

Be it the weekend virtual pizza party, or everyday team fitness workout, or just a virtual tea meeting with the funny game.

Download our free booklet on “5 Super Fun Virtual Team Building Activities For Remote Employees” and try them in your next online meeting.

3. Share & Discuss Ideas: 

Crisis creates fears and triggers our brains to develop a plan to overcome the adversities. It applies to an individual as well as the organization.

"Crises and deadlocks when they occur have at least this advantage, that they force us to think." - Jawaharlal Nehru

But the question is, "Is there safe space (without any grudges or politics) between you and coworkers to discuss all the new ideas that just pop out from our head when we least expect it?"

It's not just the leader but also the whole team that has to create that safe space and be open to innovations.

Open discussions and interactive team sessions can help you do it and enhance work from home productivity.

4. Take lead and responsibility:

Understand how your new goals and skills can help the organization achieve the new common goal of the whole team. Identify where there are gaps, what needs to change, what actions need to take, and how? Also notice, how comfortable the entire team is with that change by identifying each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Doing this helps you be responsible and lifts each other up the ladder to achieve your goals.

5. Reward yourself: 

Explore yourself to understand the core reasons for your creative blocks and lack of productivity. When boredom hits you, dedicate a short span of 20 to 30 min for the work you procrastinate all day. Work with complete focus till the alarm rings. Work in such short spans to keep your boredom away and to stay focused on the work.

Reward yourself with little fun or extra hot coffee or anything you love based on how better you could finish each of such tasks. By the end of every day, write down all the things you have done that felt like achievements and Reward yourself with an extra hour of Netflix or that favourite meal.

The COVID has tilted our workspace by 180 degrees. And it's time to adapt to the new normal without getting affected by it. Strong team bonding and being accountable for each other as a team helps you reach greater heights.


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