Engaged Employees: Key to Customer Satisfaction

Employee engagement is a successful strategy to win over your employees. By keeping them at a winning position, you win over more clients and achieve satisfaction

There are in fact three key things that transform the employees from ‘mere workers’ to ‘loyal followers.’ Yes, the job satisfaction, recognition and awareness on the company’s goals are the key attributes, and such initiatives satisfy these three performance boosting traits.

The right Employee engagement initiatives will help connect with them in an appropriate and winning way. There are various life-changing activities, fun yet thought-provoking group games will make an enormous difference in beliefs towards personal and organizational growth.

Engaging the employees to enhance the Job Satisfaction Leading to Happy Customer Base

Job satisfaction is a broad term that involves various qualities, say, some like to have responsibilities that challenge their capability, or some like to indulge in creativity inducing activities at work. ‘One size fits for all’ strategy will not work out to track the job satisfaction level of the employees. The employer should be able to leverage the various needs of the employees.

How can a company with large teams assess such intricacies and act right?

That’s where the corporate team offsite and similar team building events help in a more significant way. The organization must focus on making the teams feel comfortable by providing the space for career growth, work-life balance and jobs that suit their skillset and mindset.

Especially if the organization is helping the employees to build the critical strategic skills required to grow in their career. Let’s imagine indulging your teams in a ‘Water Volleyball’ that too, in a naturally clad and beautiful destinations.

In this team building activity, teams use ‘water balloons’ to play volleyball. The laughter, fun and happiness, your teams are sure to be infected with total contentment; they learn to manoeuvre and position themselves well to win over the competitor. Not only the fun part but also the teams will acquire competitive spirit, strategic thinking & planning, adaptability and team effort. If you are looking at building leadership teams, you can use such intense team building activities to engage your employees. You help them to create the right skillset & mindset here.

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Make your Employees work under a Common Goal and Reap Huge Benefits

A company can advertise and market like mad about who they are and what they believe in, but in today's world, it's the people on the front line who are ultimately defining the reputation of the business. And the reputation of your business, let's face it, is really the brand. - Shane Green

Yes, your brand value is totally depending on how you treat the employees and how they reciprocate in the form of productivity. The successful team leader is the one who is making the teams work under a common goal. When the teams understand the impact their role is creating in building a business, even those at the bottom level, the enthusiasm and positivity will hugely influence productivity.

This strategy helps to consciously run the organisation towards success.

Is it an Easy Task? How can we make hundreds, thousands and lakhs of employees to work under a common goal?

The right communication plan, along with collaborative & transparent processes, will help in building Trust among your employees. ‘Holey Pipes’ is one high energy team building game that makes them work against time. The ball at the bottom of the pipe with some holes need to be scouted with the help of water. Here, the teams need to work under a shared goal, collaborate and communicate well to successfully complete the task.

How do these activities help employees? Such activities instil the common goal of the organization and show how secure their jobs are. When they know that their job is secured, the productivity will definitely go up. Yes, you can achieve this only by sharing the objectives of the project, process and overall organizational goal in a constructive manner and help them make the right plans to manage their roles. Make the best use of employee engagement activities to build customer satisfaction and organizational growth.

Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.- by Anne Mulcahy

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Recognise the Teams’ Achievement to Improve Customer relationships

Appreciation and recognition are two pillars of motivation. As we are in an Artificial Intelligence era, it is imperative that the organizations manage the employee emotions well. The way you treat them will reflect in the way they treat the stakeholders, most importantly, the clients.

Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.- Timothy R. Clark

Even a professional who is playing a core technical role at a fresher level needs to learn how to engage the clients. How can this be achieved? When he/she is treated well, you build a ‘loyal’ employee who will proactively understand the right actions to be taken and consciously work towards the growth of the organization. They also are aware of the impact such an attitude will create in their professional growth.

Corporate team outings are the best gift you can treat your employees with. Right from the resorts in your locality to exotic locations like Goa, Pondicherry, or, why not Srilanka, Bali, or Bora Bora Island, take your teams to a beautiful place where they forget the routine for few hours to few days. You can treat the teams in different venues based on your budget. Plan it well so that the event meets the objective rightly. As Kalil Gibran says, travelling to different places on this earth indeed delights and gives a different sort of wing that creates unbound creativity.

Let them relax and rejuvenate their mind and soul. You can also set a goal of making them happy in unique ways. Organise fun team games like ‘Drum Jam’ which can be played in indoor auditorium too. Music and rhythm are sure to awaken the stressed physic after working long hours to achieve success.

After the team outing, observe the way your employees communicate, collaborate and build a relationship with the clients and users. A relaxed mind will take away all the pressure & stress, and, with a new mindset, the teams will be ready to take up new responsibilities involved in building a solid client relationship.


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