Employee Virtual Happy Hour Ideas over Zoom (Not boring)

Virtual Happy Hour otherwise known as Remote Happy Hour or Online Happy Hour are the fun events that boost engagement and build strong relationships among employees.

Employee Virtual Happy Hour Ideas over Zoom (Not boring)

Amazing Virtual happy hour ideas at work

Virtual Happy Hour otherwise known as Remote Happy Hour or Online Happy Hour are events that are known to boost engagement, create fun, and build strong relationships between employees.

It includes a set of virtual team building activities or employee engagement activities that provide employees with a much necessary break from work and a chance to hang out with their co-workers.

Ever since the lockdown, there has been a serious concern about employee engagement among the team leaders as virtual has become the only way to connect and engage with them.

This is where Virtual Happy Hour comes into the picture.

Many organizations have started using virtual platforms like Zoom and Google meet for employee engagement sessions and have started reaping the benefits of it.

Benefits of Virtual Happy Hour include:

Boosting team morale.

Providing a quick boost to productivity.

Employees get motivated and feel belonged.

Helps employees in getting rid of stress & work fatigue.

A low-cost or no-cost solution yet very effective.

Let’s jump into some Virtual Happy Hour Activities at work,

A Virtual Cocktail Party 

Yes it's a lockdown and your team is working from home but that doesn’t mean they can’t have celebrations! Cherish the wins and milestones with your team by choosing this virtual cocktail party theme. All you need to do is grab a drink of your choice, vibe over your good old days. Or maybe pick a theme and ask questions on the same. (you can choose this Happy hour with or without a drink, it’s your choice).

Never Have I Ever 

 Never Have I Ever" is the perfect addition to your virtual happy hour. It's a simple game and requires zero props. If you've never played it before, the premise is simple: Every individual takes a turn and shares a statement about something they have never ever done while saying: "Never have I ever...

Virtual Charades 

 Charades is one of those famous games which every one of us has played at home or school while growing up. To play Virtual Charades, prepare a set of Google Picture pages or utilize a random picture generator. On each player's turn, he/she has to act out what they see from the picture and the team members are supposed to guess the word to earn the points. Rinse and repeat until you're out of pleasure(This activity is known to provide unlimited fun).

Two truths and a lie 

Two truths and a lie is a fact guessing, which helps team members get to know each other better. Every member lists three facts about themselves, two truths and a lie, and the team must guess which is which! The answers may surprise you!"

Share personal stories 

This Happy Hour activity allows the employees to share their best and worst life experiences. Helps you in getting familiar with your teammates.

Premium Virtual Team Building Activities 

Explore a wide variety of our super fun virtual activities that are known to deliver an amazing Virtual Happy Hour.

Explore Premium Virtual Team Building Activities, click here.

And here are some ‘Virtual Happy Hour’ zoom theme ideas to enhance the experience and take it to the next level,

Birthday Bash -- 

Consider this theme to celebrate any of your teammates' birthdays virtually. You can even surprise them with confetti and send them a surprise birthday cake. Make it even more interesting by adding one or two virtual activities to have more fun.

At a Beach 

 Grab a beach towel and sun hat, and get ready to float. Well, Virtually!

The Simpsons' living room - The Simpsons is a popular American cartoon show most familiar to 90’s kids. Cartoons bring the reminiscence of childhood. Choose this theme and make virtual happy hours worth remembering your childhood days and other famous cartoon shows.

The Moon 

Suitable for all the space lovers out there who love discussing space mysteries, black holes, etc. But make sure to ask your employees before setting up the theme as they might not be interested in it much.

At the cafe 

Work and coffee always go hand in hand. Host this ‘At the Cafe’ theme for your virtual happy hour and add a super fun game to it. Your teammates will thank you for a refreshing and energizing hour.

Windows XP background 

Just to make this funnier, Pick a workaholic and dedicate a Happy Hour with a Windows XP background. It sounds crazy but it's 2x funnier.

Have more ideas? Share in the comments, we would love to hear from you!

These ideas are easy to implement on any virtual meeting platforms like zoom or google hangouts.

Now go ahead, pick a theme and a set of activities, schedule a date, and Invite your co-workers for your Virtual Happy Hour.

Explore our Virtual Team Building activities that can enhance the fun in your Virtual Happy Hour.

We wish you to have fun and enjoy your Virtual Happy Hour, while we host.

To quote a request, Contact us here.

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