Boost Team Performance: 9 Free Virtual Team Building Ideas

Would you like to try some virtual team building activities but don’t have the budget? Here's a collection of 11 free virtual activities to help you increase your remote team performance by 10X.

It’s common knowledge that working together as a team is essential to achieving your company’s objectives, but it is much more than just being in the same room. You need to help everyone to collaborate, communicate effectively, and have a clear plan of action. In today’s global economy, it can be difficult for team members across the world to meet face-to-face regularly.

Would you like to try some virtual team building activities but don’t have the budget? If you can find a way to make it free,…That’s why we decided to put together a collection of 11 free virtual activities to help you increase your remote team performance by 10X..

 1. Social Media Challenge

The Social Media Challenge is a simple virtual team building activity that encourages communication and creativity, while helping team members to get to know each other better.


1. Split your team into groups of 3-5 people.

2. Provide each group with the same social media handle (a Twitter username or Instagram handle, for example), and ask them to come up with a coherent social media account based on that handle. The catch? It must be created in less than one hour.

3. Set a timer for one hour, and ask each group to come up with an idea for their social media account, as well as a few posts to get it started. They should also think about the type of content they would post if they were running this account for real.

4. After 60 minutes, ask each group to present their idea and first content posts to the rest of the team, who can vote for their favorite account and offer feedback on what worked well (and what didn’t).

 2. The Voice

This game is based on the TV show of the same name. The aim is for teams to work together to put on the best show possible.


Each group chooses someone to be their lead singer. After a few minutes of practice, the teams take turns performing their song for the rest of the group.

At the end, everyone votes on the best performance — and then gets ready for round two! This time, they mix things up by switching lead singers and practicing a new song.

The Voice is an excellent way to have some fun while getting your team working together to create something amazing.

3. The Telepathy Game

The telepathy game is a fun and simple activity that helps team members learn how to communicate effectively.


Split your group into pairs, with one person in each pair being the “sender” and the other the “receiver.”

Give each person in the pair a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper.

Instruct each sender to draw a picture of anything they like on their paper.

Tell senders to show their drawing to their receiver for just one second, then cover it up again.

Senders must describe their drawing using only words – no pointing or gestures allowed.

Receivers must then draw what they saw on their own sheet of paper.

Once finished, both senders and receivers should compare their drawings and see how close they were to each other's original drawings!

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4. Trivia Questions and Ice Breaker Questions

This virtual team building activity is amazing at getting everyone chatting, laughing, and interacting. You can have a quiz with trivia questions, or you can have icebreaker questions that help your team members get to know each other better.

All you need to play this game is a list of icebreaker questions and fun team building questions. And we have got you covered with an ultimate list of team building and icebreaker questions you can use.

If you want to take it a step further, you can create virtual teams where people have to answer the question together. This is a great way of working on collaboration skills and getting your team used to working together more effectively.

5. Switch It Up

Switch It Up is great for virtual team building because it breaks up monotony and encourages teams to work together.


To play the game, you’ll need at least three people and a video conferencing tool. The goal of the game is to have each person collect as many points as they can. 

The first person starts by saying “switch it up.” Then, they have 2 seconds to describe something unique about themselves and point to someone else in the group.

 That person then has 2 seconds to describe something unique about themselves, point to another person in the group, and say “switch it up.”

 The goal is for everyone to answer without repeating each other or pointing at themselves. If a person repeats an answer or points at themselves, they lose one of their points. 

If a participant is unable to think of something unique about themselves within two seconds, they also lose one of their points.

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 6. Guess that Sound/Guess that Song/Guess that Movie.

A great option for remote teams that want to get together to have a little fun, guess-that games can be a blast (and make everyone feel like they know each other better)!


In this virtual team building game, you split the group into teams of 3-5. 

Each team chooses a player to go first. The first player starts by making a sound (or humming a tune or saying a movie title). 

The other players need to try to figure out what it is. If the other players guess correctly, then their team gets a point. If not, then the first player gets a point for his or her team. 

You can set a time limit for each round and then rotate players each round or until someone gets three points (whichever comes first).

7. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge.

The aim of the game is to see how well you can work together as a team and overcome communication barriers. It is also a great way to have fun and practice your listening skills.


It is a fun way of getting your team members to work together in complete silence. The whole idea of this exercise is for your employees to get their point across, without actually speaking.

Your virtual team will be divided into groups of 3 or 4 people. Each group will be assigned one person as the artist. The other members have to direct the artist (using gestures) as they guide them on how to draw and color the image.

Each group has a time limit in which they have to finish their drawing and guess what it is. The winning team is determined by the best drawing and fastest time taken.

8. A virtual cooking class

This activity combines fun with practicality (who doesn't love eating?)


The team is divided into smaller groups of three or four people.

 Every group is responsible for making a certain dish and has to collaborate on the preparation using their webcam. The dishes are then judged by the rest of the team in a friendly competition.

You will practice your culinary skills, learn new recipes and have a great time together. Plus, everyone can choose their favorite dish.

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9. Pictionary

Pictionary is a game of imagination and creativity. This activity allows teams to work on their communication skills with one another, as well as their artistic abilities.


To play Pictionary, you will need to divide the group into teams of at least three people. 

Each team will need to elect a spokesperson who will draw for the group during each round. You can have multiple rounds, so the spokesperson can change after each one.

Each round has a theme (for example, cities, famous people or animals). 

For this virtual team building activity, we recommend using virtual whiteboard software like Miro or RealtimeBoard. The spokesperson on each team will be given a word that they must draw using only their mouse or trackpad.

Everyone else on the team will try to guess what the spokesperson is drawing (without saying the word). When they guess correctly, the next person in line gets to draw until time runs out.

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