How does employee engagement impact a company's culture?

Positive company culture is not only good for existing employees it also helps attract the best talents from the industry | Interesting Team Building Activities To Do

An enthusiastic, vibrant and animated company culture means that the employees in the organization are thoroughly engaged with the overall objectives and goals of the organization. Employee engagement means that employees are motivated and inspired enough, come forward and take ownership, are ready to take the onus and become accountable for their jobs. This means that employees are positively involved in the betterment of the organization along with their individual growth and success. Positive company culture is not only good for existing employees it also helps attract the best talents from the industry. Employee retention and growth become synonymous with company growth and victories.

Here are some extremely easy and popular team building activities that help foster a positive company culture.

1. Fire Walk

Participants in this activity are challenged to walk across a bed of over-heated charcoal. The coal is heated up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is no mean task because not every day does normal people walk through a bed of heated coal. In fact, at the start of the event, most people would not want to be part of this game because of their fears and inhibitions. But the purpose of the challenging activity is to instil and enhance confidence levels of team members so that they are able to move out of their comfort zone and accepted roles and take up this daring challenged. And the best part is that when the challenge is over, all employees are happy and satisfied with their performance. You will find most of your team members are encouraging and inspiring you to challenge your own limitations and take up new roles. When team members are enthused with high spirits and energy levels and are beaming with confidence, the company culture is characterized by positivity and favourable situations.

2. Glass Walk Challenge

The glass walk challenge is another game that is meant to test the participants on their mental and physical limits. The session demands the participants to walk barefoot through a bed of broken glasses. The game sounds quite daunting but the relevant security measures are taken care of by the facilitators. The question of safety being addressed by the organizers; what is challenging is that participants need to prepare themselves mentally and physically to undertake the task. Here it is not about hurrying through the task but doing it slowly and with intent. The more focused the approach is, the better participants will be able to perform the task. Presence of mind and dedicated approach is what is expected of participants. It is about challenging one’s own beliefs and convictions.

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3. Race the Picture

A treasure hunt that is different and can vary quite interestingly. Small-sized teams need to solve mind-boggling and nerve-racking clues and puzzles. As they keep unearthing the codes and the anagrams the game gets more complicated. At every step of the game, there are extra activities that team members need to unravel and they need to do necessarily so that the end results can be achieved successfully and the team gets extra points. It may sound quite common but it is not. Untangling puzzles can be interesting and attracts most people. Along with high excitement levels, it is also about working as a team to solve problems and change strategies and outlook as per changing situations and circumstances.

4. Rod Bending exercise

This is one activity that can be easily done at any place inside the office or an outdoor venue. This is a unique exercise that appears difficult but can be done quite smoothly if the participants perform the activity trusting each other and the facilitator. It teaches team members to have faith in each other and deal with all kinds of situations honestly and as a single unit. The activity involves two volunteers who are required to balance a rod at the upper part of the torso, just below the neck. The rod is actually one that can bend. 

The facilitator is the one who prompts the two participants to start walking towards each other. It is natural for the contestants to be hesitant at first but that is what the challenge is – about overcoming fears, letting go of our prejudices and believe one another. What awaits the spectators are quite amazing – as the two volunteers move towards each other the rod actually bends till the two participants are in close proximity and the rod is completely bent at the centre. At the end of the session, participants understand the worth of having a positive mindset so that they can work in alliance with each other towards achievement of bigger goals.

5. Double Dragon

This is a type of a race but not the typical one. The activity starts with separate teams being formed. Each team has to race with each other. But the race includes crossing specific checkpoints. What is testing is that one of the team members is blindfolded and he/she has to enter a hula hoop while he is balancing a beach ball between his feet. Since this team member is blinded and he cannot know the way, it is his team members who have to verbally instruct him to guide him inside the hula hoop. One of the foremost purposes of this game is to encourage proper verbal communication and listening skills. Other than effectively planning and strategizing, it is also about assessing each other’s strengths and weaknesses so that the work can happen effectually.

6. Gigsaw Challenge

Like the jigsaw, this activity is about cracking difficult puzzles and finally design and create some creative theme on a canvas. Usually, the theme that needs to be created is required to be aligned with the organizational and corporate culture. At the final stages, the individual pieces created by each team are combined with those of the others to prepare an enormous-sized Gigsaw. It is interesting, exciting and invariably helps team members to bond with each other and with other teams too. An ideal example of collaboration and team spirit, it is the ingenuity and the enthusiasm that will result in a masterpiece Gigsaw puzzle.


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