January 28, 2022

How To Play Virtual Bingo Team Building Activity? ( Super Fun and quick to host )

Weekend’s over and it’s Monday again. Are you tired of the Monday blues? Is your remote team tired of the same cycle every Monday? But wait – there is a way out! A way to grow team spirit and enjoy your work without having to travel back and forth from home to office – virtual bingo team building. 

This is one of the perfect activities for building remote teams, it really helps to bond teammates together by using their unique strategy, wit and skill in a game of chance. It could also make up for their lack of face time with the team at work. In virtual bingo team building, you have a great feeling of accomplishment when other players get their bingo card while you could still go on.

How Virtual Team Building Bingo Can Beat the Monday blues?

We’ve all had our fair share of boring Zoom meetings where we just stare at the screen and listen to our boss talk about something we already know or don’t care about. However, if you want your employees to be engaged and excited about work then you need to spice things up a bit! Virtual team building bingo will make your Monday morning meetings much more interesting and fun!

Research has shown that playing online bingo with your colleagues is a great way to boost team morale, increase productivity and even improve communication.

Online bingo is a fun, interactive and competitive game that will bring your employees together to work as a team. Not only will this help create an inclusive company culture, but it also encourages socialization between employees.

Not only do virtual team building Bingo sessions help your team start the week on the right foot, but also come with many benefits in improving overall employee engagement.

  • Making virtual bingo mixes fun and productivity.
  • It teaches the importance of working with others.
  • It burns off stress and promotes relaxation which is important for remote employees
  • They allow teammates to socialize with coworkers outside of a work setting.
  • Perfect for mixing up your regular routine.
  • They help employees work through conflicts with co-workers .
  • Creates trust and improves your working relationships.
  • It is an opportunity to bring your remote team together.
  • It helps you to break the ice and connect with your co-workers in a fun and relaxed environment.
  • It's also a great opportunity to put aside work discussions & stress and focus on something else together as a team.

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How to play online Team Building Bingo?

Virtual bingo team building activities are a fun way to get your team engaged and playing together from the comfort of their own homes. 

With so many options available, virtual bingo team building is the perfect choice for a quick, fun game that will get your employees laughing and banishing those Monday blues!

We’re here to explain how to play online bingo team building games (and make them awesome!) with our easy step-by-step guide.

  • The first step is to choose a virtual platform where players can gather together for this activity, such as Zoom.
  •  Then, generate and email the cards before the meeting. Then, players need to download/print out their Bingo cards and do a sound check. 
  • Players should have at least one marker (e.g., pen or pencil) each to mark off the numbers as they are called out by the host. It is also recommended that each player has a separate colored marker so it's easier for them to identify their own card. 

Bonus Tip : Before starting the game, players can chat and socialize with each other for a few minutes to get everyone ready for the Big Bingo Game!

  • When all players are ready, The Host/ Bingo Caller will call out numbers and mark them on the board while players wait for their numbers to be called.
  • Before playing the game your team can choose the type of bingo you want to play.

      There are many different types of bingo to choose from, for bringing your team together, like creating bespoke bingo cards with company goals or challenges and adding in multiple rounds to achieve a full house or line. You can also create virtual bingo cards, which include prompts that encourage teams to share photos of their hobbies, pets or favorite office moments. 

  • The caller should read out the numbers one by one until someone wins (if playing individually) or until a team wins (if playing in teams). You can determine who wins in several ways: First to get a line, first to get two lines, first to get the full house, or most points at the end of a time limit (e.g., after 10 minutes, whoever has filled out the most squares on their card).
  • Finally, don’t ignore the value of making Mondays more fun by giving prizes to winners. Even a small gift card can still make the game more engaging.

Bonus tip: The host/ Bingo Caller for this event can make this Monday online bingo even more engaging with icebreaker questions to get everyone involved and make new connections.

 In this way, Mondays will be a fun way to spend time with people who you may not have had an opportunity to interact with at work.\

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To sum up 

A little bit of added motivation goes a long way. With Virtual Team Building Bingo, you aren’t just at an office party; you are actively participating in something that creates competition, as well as collaboration between your employees

We’re all told that a good work-life balance will lead to a happy and more productive life. But how many of us actually follow that advice and seek out ways to improve our quality of life? The best way to beat the Monday blues is to provide something for your team members that makes them feel good about themselves. Doing this will help them be at their best during the week, which will consequently help your business. Once you provide this type of helpful break, your employees will build relationships with their fellow employees. They’ll have something to look forward to when they come in on Monday morning—a fun team building experience!

Looking for more exciting and fun filled alternatives to make your team look forward to Mondays? Whether you need offsite, remote or hybrid, we can help you with all your team needs. Partner with us and unlock the fullest potential of your team with high levels of employee engagement and productivity.

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