HR Leaders Rethinking Employee Experience Post-Crisis

Just like great client experiences and happy customer stories, it needs a good effort to see happy faces in your virtual workspace.

Why Hr Leaders Must Rethink The Definition Of Employee Experience Beyond Surviving The Pandemic

Just like great client experiences and happy customer stories, it needs a good effort to see happy faces in your virtual workspace.

HR must notice the changing landscape of employee experience and restrategize based on the employee expectations as they currently revolve around 3 things: health, safety and wellbeing. And earning their trust is the heart of building a strong foundation for great employee engagement.

  • Do you care to nurture the connection and bonding with employees in these changing times?

  • How do you create safety and instil confidence in your employees?

  • What are new rituals and norms to be implemented in the team for the good of employees?

  • What transitions can you bring in, to make the employees work at ease?

  • How happy are your employees right now?

Why Redefine Employee Experience?

It’s important that leaders redefine the employee experience as more than just perks. The employee experience is creating a whole new positive experience while working at the company. It’s how an employee feels, the quality of their relationships, communications and feeling of belongingness, virtual team engagement and how the organization cares for employees growth, security and stability.

When employees don't feel satisfied and cared for, they are less committed, burnt out and stressed. This is detrimental to performance, work-life balance and engagement.  

The crisis is not just a phase of “this too shall pass! and we will return to the workspace”.

When all of this is over, it is going to be a complete shift in mindset and expectations of employees. The crisis has shown a great need for addressing their needs and roots of insecurities and taking action now to earn their trust.

What Is The Switch?

HR leaders and managers must shift their thinking from “how do I get the most work done from my people?” mindset to “how do I help my employees grow and rise beyond the corporate ladder?”

Without this mindset shift, mere performance-driven leadership will only continue to create a cycle of frustrated and disengaged employees.

How To Redefine The Employee Experience?  

Empathy first!

HR leaders must understand and empathize with their employees and change their organisational structure and policies accordingly.

For example  :

  • Accepting factors like unavailability of employees at certain hours due to internet interruption issues. This allows them to operate at their own pace not feeling micromanaged and burdened.

  • Make meetings more flexible and fun with virtual team building activities and online games to relieve their stress and help them bond.

Instil confidence: 

As employees are worried about their financial state and career with continuous changing scenarios. Upskilling is the best way to instil confidence in your employees. Employees are expecting organizations to foster growth and development and help them to grow along with it.

Prioritize their health and wellbeing: 

Health is the biggest and first priority to all of us, now more than ever. So it is an immediate necessity to prioritise health and wellbeing.

  • Be it sharing health tips, playing stress-relieving online team building games in your virtual meetings or taking up a healthy diet or fitness challenges together with your virtual team.
  • It would be a great initiative to give employees an online monthly doctor consultation so that they don't feel anxious with the rising number of cases every day and feel cared.  
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Use technological reinvention to bring togetherness: 

We humans always crave for an emotional connection with our community. The power and longing for human interactions became even more in this current crisis. Employees are always looking for better communication tools and tools to keep them productive and faster. Help your employees with these and you have won them!

Reward and recognize: 

This has become the need of the hour in virtual teams as it makes the employees feel valued and boosts employee engagement. Don’t just reward the best performance but also reward effort and creativity by providing tools and required help that let your employees grow at a faster pace. With constant support, a sense of togetherness and positive leadership remote team engagement becomes inevitable.

The companies should see beyond small fixes and evolve remembering that organisations are built by humans and for humans. Then those companies would not only just survive the crisis but unleash the new opportunities to usher in a new era of virtual workspace through technological reinvention and organisational evolution.

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By fostering a positive environment for their people, HR leaders can create an employee experience framework that attracts and keeps the best talent.

If all of this is done right, companies can enjoy uncommon levels of trust, commitment, employee engagement and build successful remote teams.

This crisis is just a beginning to all the reinventions!

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