January 28, 2022

Important Attributes to Create a High Performance Organization

Important Attributes to Create a High-Performance Organization

Every organization desires high performance. Achieving it isn’t really difficult. However, there’re certain important attributes that business owners or managers need to consider if they wish to create a high-performance organization.

What are these attributes? Are they difficult or easy to implement? And what steps to business owners or managers need to take to ensure the high performance of their organization?

Here we will explore some of these important attributes to create a high-performance organization.

Before we proceed, let’s understand what the word performance means. This would make it easier to understand the attributes necessary for high performance.

Defining Performance of Organizations

In simple words, performance means achieving a business objective with proper planning that meets all standards of cost efficiency, speed, accuracy and overall satisfaction of the customer and business owner.

The performance also means the ability to create something several times without losing quality.

The word performance also stands for output by every member of the staff and management while working towards a common goal.

With these few definitions, high performance is simply anything that meets or exceeds these set goals.

Now, let’s explore attributes that would create a high-performance organization.

Attributes for High-Performance Organizations

These important attributes to create a high-performance organization have to work in tandem. Meaning, we can’t have high performance in some areas of the organization and poor performance in others.

Here’re these important attributes

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures or SOP rank as the main and most important attributes to create a high-performance organization. SOP allows employees to work seamlessly. Every staff member’s duties and functions are well defined by an SOP. Hence, there’s no overlapping of work. Nor are there any doubts about who would do what in which situations.

An SOP helps employees to improve their performance. This directly translates as the higher performance of the organization. An SOP also outlines measures for emergencies and problems. Therefore, there’s zero or no loss of productivity on the basis of such issues. This, in turn, leads to better performance as well.

Astute Finance Management

Astute finance management means keeping precise and updated records of cash inflows and outgoes. The highest order of financial management is one of the most important attributes for any high-performance organization. Any business or any organization, regardless of its size, is prone to overspending. For example, a long payroll is one of the prime culprits where organizations overspend. The other is marketing and advertising.

A business owner or manager, therefore, needs to look at areas where the organization is overspending and immediately implement steps to curb it. This doesn’t imply that an organization should retrench employees or stop marketing and advertising. Instead, they can relocate redundant workers in areas where they can perform better. And for marketing and advertising, they can switch to economical, Internet-based technologies that have a better impact.

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing services is another important attribute to create a high-performance organization. Obviously, every organization will have inherent deficiencies. Trying to plug these grey areas by hiring staff can prove expensive. Such highly experienced and qualified staff come with an enormous price tag. However, an organization might not necessarily require their fulltime services for any reason.

Instead of trying to cover up grey patches by recruiting expensive personnel, organizations can recourse to outsourcing. For one, outsourcing enables organizations to choose from a vast talent pool and find the best ones that meet their needs. Furthermore, outsourcing saves a lot of money that would otherwise go towards fulltime hire. Outsourcing also ensures a continuum of a specific service or talent: the organization doesn’t experience operational hiccups should any key personnel leave abruptly.

Staff Training & Skills Upgrade

Providing training and opportunities to upgrade skills to employees is a vital attribute to create a high-performance organization. We live in an era where technology rapidly undergoes upgrade. Therefore, it’s imperative for every organization to keep pace with prevalent and emerging technologies. Unless an organization deploys the latest tech, chances are it will run into doldrums and eventually collapse.

The best way to ensure an organization keeps pace with technologies and the latest developments in its sphere is by providing training opportunities and skills upgrade to employees at all levels. Yes, employees at all levels. That’s because an organization can’t have some employees with the latest skills and others operating with outdated ones. It would only result in a severe drop in performance due to incompatible systems within an organization. Furthermore, staff training and skills upgrade to develop employee loyalty while lowering attrition rates.

In Conclusion

Creating a high-performance organization isn’t difficult or cumbersome. However, it requires some extra effort from business owners and the core management team. Stringent quality checks on both- internal work and service that clients are a key attribute to create a high-performance organization. The above four attributes should help any organization enhance its performance exponentially.


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