Simplifying The Art Of Sales Management

Sales Management starts by understanding the marketing and sales strategy of a business unit or company with pertinent questions.

The Art Of Sales Management

Sales are undoubtedly one of the most complex functionalities of an organization. Its management is what covers a whole host of activities that come under creating and managing a team. Sales Management starts by understanding the marketing and sales strategy of a business unit or company with pertinent questions such as:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are the products/services that need to be sold?
  • What must be done to convince potential clients?
  • What can help retain these clients?

A successful sales manager is one who understands the nuances of a marketing strategy and implements it effectively. To help improve your performance, we at Trebound, have collated the most important steps you need to cover to create a winning sales team.

Define the Task

This is the first and probably most important step for when your team begins work on-ground. While defining the goal/objective for your team, be sure that there is no ambiguity, as this goal will guide the activities and performance of your team and your organization.

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Understand Compensation

One of the strongest ways of appreciating your sales team for their effort is by rewarding them monetarily. While this is not the only method of acknowledging their efforts, it is definitely one of the best ways of boosting their morale. While compensating your sales team for the effort they put in, it is important you understand its dynamics in the market and among your competitors. There is also a whole host of systems of compensation. Be sure to understand the one that best serves the interest of your team members, as this will drive the performance of your team.

Conduct Training

Most companies get their sales team to go undergo training, but not many get them right. When you get your team to train, be sure to break down the ultimate goal into who, what, when, where, how and why. This will help your team to understand the behaviours and attitudes they need to adapt while working in your company. It also helps create (to an extent) a standardized manner of approaching, convincing and dealing with clients – contributing to your brand identity.

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Motivate Salespersons

More often than not, people are intimidated by a sales profile. However, a little-known fact is that sales can prove to be extremely exciting and rewarding. Most people who excel in this profession find it difficult to even imagine themselves in another line of specialization. What remains a challenge, however, is the ability to stay motivated, which is where you have an important role to play as a manager. Be sure to hire the right talent and also keep them motivated by acknowledging their successes and encouraging their growth.

Measure Performance

In sales, measuring performance is quintessential to analyzing and understanding the behaviours of your team. At the time of holding your team members accountable for their performance, be sure to measure both inputs and outputs. Outputs are generally measured in terms of revenue, a number of units sold etc. But what must also be considered as inputs such as a number of calls made per days, time taken to close a sale etc? This will also help you identify gaps that need to be addressed.

No company can survive without a good sales team. At Trebound, we understand the nuances that go into making a successful team and we are committed to helping you achieve your best. Our training session is designed to help you understand your business processes and take any corrective measures that may be needed for effective Sales management.


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