Zoom Pictionary: How, Why & When for Team Building

Virtual Pictionary is one of the most popular team building activities. In this article find out how you can play Virtual Pictionary on Zoom and have fun with your remote teams.

Virtual Pictionary Team Building Activity on Zoom: How, Why & When to Play

Team Building activities can be a great way to get teams to bond and explore each other’s strengths. One of the most popular team building activities is the virtual pictionary.

The virtual Pictionary activity is very simple - it's a game where teammates take turns drawing pictures that their teammates have to guess what they are trying to draw.

Virtual Pictionary is a game that has been gaining popularity over the past few years.This game has been used in many different work environments to create a fun and engaging work culture. It’s also been used as an icebreaker for groups who have never met before or don't know each other well.

How Do You Play Virtual Pictionary on Zoom?

Pictionary is a popular game that requires a lot of creativity and communication skills. The game is not only super fun in a physical world but also in a virtual world.  

The game is played by one player drawing clues to help their teammates guess the word or phrase.

Here are the steps to play online Pictionary on zoom

  • The first step to playing Pictionary online is to find an online whiteboard. There are many free options available such as Google Drawings or Microsoft OneNote.

  • Once you have your online whiteboard, you need to assemble your team on zoom meet.

  • If you are a big team with a size of above 10 employees, you can split your team into groups and give each team points when they guess it right.

  • Once everyone is ready to start, you can start to play a round of Pictionary by asking players to draw clues on an online whiteboard, and their teammates try to guess what they are drawing within the time limit.

  • The team that scores the highest wins.
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Benefits of Playing Pictionary at Work

  • Pictionary can be a great way to break the ice and get to know your co-workers.

  •  t can also help you learn more about your co-workers and their interests. You may find that you have more in common than you originally thought!

  • The game is also a good way to foster creativity in the workplace.

  • It forces people to think outside of the box and come up with creative solutions for drawing clues. This is an important skill for any company, especially one that wants to innovate!

  • It's a fun and interactive way for team members to learn about how others think, which can lead to better communication skills and more collaborative work environments.

  • Studies found that playing Pictionary improved teamwork skills and collaboration skills.

  • The game can be used to help break down barriers between people who are not familiar with one another and make them feel more comfortable about working together in the future.
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When to Host a Virtual Pictionary to Reap its Benefits at The Fullest ?

Pictionary is a game that requires creativity and quick thinking. It’s also a game that’s not just limited to a fun activity. Here, we have listed down five situations at work when you can host Pictionary on zoom for your remote team.

 These are just to help you get started but you can get creative and use different themed online Pictionary games for many more work events and office parties.

1) During brainstorming sessions

 When you find yourself in a meeting or brainstorming session with people who are not talkative, it can be good to break the ice by playing Pictionary on zoom with them.  Oftentimes, brainstorming sessions can be long and uneventful. It's good to mix up the dynamics by playing a virtual team building activity like this. This will get them talking and make them feel more comfortable about sharing their ideas. 

2) When you need to come up with a creative idea 

 If you need to come up with an idea for a project or presentation, playing Pictionary on zoom can be an excellent way of getting your team’s creative juices flowing. . Whether you need a new logo, concept for a blog post, or even an idea for your business presentation, playing Pictionary on zoom can get your brain going.

 3) During interdepartmental meetings

If you are having a meeting with people from different departments, playing Pictionary on zoom with them could help break the ice and get people talking about shared experiences.

4) To drive away Monday blues

The best way to kickstart your week is by starting it on the right foot with some time for this quick exercise. Monday is the perfect time to schedule this team activity because it sets your remote team up for a successful week and it will drive away your team’s Monday blues. You can also plan a different theme for every Monday to make it more exciting for your team to look forward to.

5) After onboarding new employees

Introducing new employees to each other is a necessary task in any company. It's important in order for employees to know who they're working with and what their responsibilities are. You can use a Pictionary to introduce people to each other. You can also use it as a way of getting new hires to talk and get to know their remote team. 


Remote work can be difficult to manage, but team building activities like virtual Pictionary can be a great way to build team bonds. It makes it easier for members to get to know each other without being in the same physical space and can even help build trust. It is a fun and interactive way for your employees across the globe to work together and feel closer to each other. Whether you are a small team or a big team, virtual Pictionary on zoom can be customized to teams of all sizes, shapes and needs.

With carefully customized and curated team building activities, team members can get work more effectively together like a well-oiled machine even when they are spread across the globe. 

Bonus: Including regular team building activities part of your work culture is one of the greatest ways to foster employee engagement and increase team productivity. Partner with us to  strengthen team building in your organization with the help of fun and engaging experiences.  

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