It is only natural that with the growth of Artificial Intelligence and innovative technologies, the world of business has become more data-driven. Such technological advancement has opened many gateways, along with job insecurities. Imagine the kind of mechanical as well as the competitive world that corporate employees are working currently. The right corporate team outing activities ensure job satisfaction and so higher productivity.

Connect to Re-connect

The need to indulge in team outing games comes in two folds - Firstly, the outdoor activities freshen up the mind and provide them an opportunity to take a break from the ‘mechanical’ and ‘mundane’ digital world. Secondly, the corporate activities help employees to connect with each other and share their stories. The teams understand that none of them are alone and that they are backed by a team of concerned individuals.

Teams 2.0

A wide array of outdoor team building activities help boost the employees’ confidence and also develop skills such as time management, problem-solving and decision making.

The F1 Challenge is a fun outdoor team building activity in which teams build cardboard driving machines. The process begins by designing the device to finally executing it as a finished product. This activity helps to develop communication skills, problem-solving skills, and resource management.

Roller Coaster is another exciting activity in which teams are provided with rubber bands, PVC pipes, balloons bamboo sticks. Together, by collaborating, they have to build a roller coaster, within a specific time frame. The key takeaways from this activity are project planning and creativity.

To enhance leadership skills in the members, there is an activity known as the Interlocker is preferred by many organizations. Teams get 15 interlocked planks, with the help of a blueprint and within a limited time frame, they have to arrive at the desired result.

Design Thinking and strategizing are two essential qualities that are preferred in today’s employees, and therefore, a fun activity known as Remote car Challenge is recommended. Teams build bridges with the supplies provided to them and finally challenge each other’s creations by having a race with RC cars.

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.

Such outdoor activities help corporate teams to take some time off the break and realize that no matter how much AI-like systems gain momentum in the business world, there is still a need and significance of human employees at the workplace. The fun outing activities make them realize that they are very much capable of competing with any new technology.

The most important aspect is the feeling of ‘inclusion’ that they are not working alone in this ever-growing competitive world, but the organization is completely backing them up. This can help them change their negative perception of the workplace, if any, to a more positive side. Ultimately, they become better versions of themselves, i.e., Teams 2.0.

Most of the activities don’t stop just with the workplace, the learnings are adopted a long time in life events as well. 

Other Corporate Team Outing Activities

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.