Corporate team outing places in Bangalore

Calm mind is the ultimate weapon to handle all the challenges

Bryant McGill

In this globally competitive scenario, it is highly essential for organizations to take into consideration stress management of their employees. Taking care of employee’s wellbeing will definitely result in the welfare of the organization in terms of operational effectiveness and revenue growth.

At the same time, there are various best outing places near Bangalore come as a solace too. By taking care of stress level of the employees, the team will be better equipped to take up challenges. Bangalore, being the hub of numerous industries, it is always a challenge for the start-ups and the corporates to retain and engage their employees.

What can be more enticing than the engagement activities to reduce stress? That too, taking them out to various team outing places in Bangalore can be extremely advantageous. Not only the business hub, the well-known garden city is encompassed with the rich heritage, culture, greenery, nature, wild-life and what not.

Well, there is a challenge here as well. Planning, organising and executing a team outing is an upheaval task. It requires lot effort, hard work and most importantly, one needs to have the passion for engaging employees. Trebound can help in choosing and booking the right venue among best team outing places in Bangalore

Gone are those days where the employees felt excited with traditional engagement activities or simple HR initiatives. To summarise, no ‘one size fit for all’ works anymore with X, Y and Z Generation. The global exposure and an enormous access to information have created a huge demand and expectation.

Is there any best solution available for organizations to manage such corporate team outing challenges? Yes, such challenges can be solved by taking your teams to the most interesting team outing places in Bangalore for one day. Trebound can bring the best solutions and conduct lot of fun activities during your team outing.

All these X, Y and Z-gen needs to be included. ‘Inclusion’ is the term one needs to remember here. Engaging your employees to various Exotic corporate team outing places is must to give them the feel of ‘inclusion’.

“Facilitators truly felt the pulse of our team and came up with some remarkable activities and concepts. Our two event days flowed effortlessly and most of our team concluded as to how much detailed attention was there was at each touch point - the joy, camaraderie we shared, sense of achievement and healthy competitive spirit that accompanied the fun and frolic of the assorted activities, courtesy Trebound. We are elated to have interacted with the Trebound team, and we look forward to tapping into their creativity again sooner than later! Kudos to your crew for the inimitable management!”

This is just a sample from numerous passive feedback given by our enlightened client.

Are you struggling to get more ideas for work team outings to make them successful? Read ahead to learn about various options we give to corporates in terms of venue booking , fun and high energy corporate games and venue booking , customized training programs .

Windflower Prakruthi Resort

Windflower Prakruthi Resort, Bangalore| Trebound

Windflower Prakruthi Resort is well-known for its ambiance with the lush green backdrop and makes it perfect for team bonding outings. The corporate team activities like paintball, bicycle motor cross, rope courses and recreational activities like table tennis, football, swimming, cricket, and badminton.

The best corporate team outing place in Bangalore to have customized activities, Windflower Prakruthi Resort is located at a distance of about 12 KMs from the Airport and 28 KMs from the Railway Station. The eco-friendly resort can accommodate large groups and ideal for conducting various groups events including indoor and outdoor activities.

With the lavish course of multi cuisine, villas, studio room, luxury rooms, this is one of the best choices when you have to engage mixed level employees in your corporate team outing, for one day to long duration stay.

Golden Palms, Tumkur Road

Golden Palms Resort, Bangalore| Trebound

It is an amalgamation of amazing architecture, beautiful ambiance and activities spread over a huge 14 acres. As the name suggests Golden Palm resorts will be the best option if you want to engage larger teams and conduct big corporate events with fun and energy-boosting activities.

This resort offers varied choices of 14 conference halls and can accommodate smaller (20) as well larger groups (300+). The halls are well equipped to conduct numerous indoor games and activities. Golden Palm Resorts is located on Tumkur road. A perfect location to get rid of work & stress hullabaloo, where luxury, magnificence, and relaxation are clubbed together as a single package.

Mango Mist, Bannerghatta Road:

Mango Mist Resort, Bangalore| Trebound

Want to take your team out to lovely & rich corporate team outing places in Bangalore? Mango Mist is the picture-perfect choice when you want to plan team building outings. The NAME says it all. The venue is located amidst a Mango Orchard, just 12 km from the Electronic city, Anekal–Bannerghatta Road in Harapanahalli. The 12 feet cave waterfall is the one of the main attractions here.

If you are including families during a corporate team outing event, there can be no better choice than this. While the parents are busy in other activities, kids can enjoy splashing water in a kids’ pool. Engaging families in corporate events results in improved productivity.

Discovery Village, Kanakapura Road:

Discovery Village, Bangalore| Trebound

How about making your team walking on water during team outings? Discovery village is the action-packed getaway spot for your team with thrilling games like Zorbing, Cave Exploration, etc., The best place to have your team on corporate outing day in Bangalore, that too, within city limits.

Located at Kanakapura Road, Discovery Village offers self-enriching learning experience while engaging your team surrounded in the natural environment. You can also pick a half-day, 1 day or overnight stay choices based on your requirements.

Eagleton Golf Resort, Ramanagara:

Eagleton, Bangalore| Trebound

Eagleton Golf Resort is located in Ramanagara, 28 km from Bangalore, home for one of the top 5 golf courses in India. The vast open ground, well-manicured lawns provide a huge space to conduct numerous activities for big groups. The right choice venue for your corporate team outing near Bangalore city.

Trebound aids in building lot many ideas for team outings in Eagleton Resort after which your employees return with enhanced strength and relaxed mind.

Royal Orchid, Yelahanka:

Royal Orchid, Bangalore| Trebound

The ROYAL house of luxury spaces and convention center, located in Yelahanka, near Bangalore International Airport. Royal Orchid is the perfect choice if you want to combine conferences, meetings along with fun team outing for your teams.

There are 6 well-furnished banquet & conference halls, board rooms, ranging from 200 sqft to 18,000 sqft where you can choose to have indoor games, activities or meetings depending on the size of your team. The best part is 14,000 sqft open space with well-maintained lawn which can accommodate groups as large as 2000.

Guhantara Resort, Kanakapura Road:

Guhantara Resort, Bangalore| Trebound

How about a team outing in a place which is located 30 feet below the ground level? Guhantara with its picture-perfect environment seems to be the answer. It can accommodate teams in the range of 20 to 1000. It also offers a number of conference halls with AV set-up &can accommodate up to 80 people in each hall.

Your team can enjoy and indulge in activities such as tunnel trekking, rain dance and bike riding. Guhantara Resort, located in Kanakapura Road is the perfect choice to conduct lot customised and thrilling games and activities.

Imagine the quantum of fun X, Y, and Z-gen will experience while indulging themselves into various activities along with the sumptuous food and drinks. There is myriad of things your teams can do in all these exotic and amazing corporate team outing places in Bangalore.

By building team spirit, boosting team effectiveness and by giving brains a different sort of exercises, these excursions will ultimately improve the productivity and further the organizational growth! Trebound is happy to help you choose the most interesting corporate team outing places in Bangalore. It is time to make your gen X, Y, and Zoomers completely satisfied at work. As our core value depicts, we stand true to our words ZFD – ZERO Failure Delivery, the core reason behind receiving very, very positive feedback from all our clients.

We, the Trebound team, with 18+ rich experience and a treasure of team outings ideas understand what each generation requires and relishes. Not only the ‘wants’, we are truly passionate about taking care of every SINGLE requirement with utmost care. Passion rules the strategies followed at Trebound and the reason behind ‘the team’ standing ‘TALL’ when it comes to organising corporate team outing in Bangalore.

Because Stay Matters

In our resort recommendation, we try to suggest only those venues that will make your team's stay comfortable. We wish to suggest you the most unique and comfortable locations that are good mix of leisure and activities.


Golden Palms, Tumkur Road


Windflower Prakruthi, Airport Road


Clarks Exotica, Airport Road


Goldfinch Resort, Airport Road


Eagleton Resort, Ramnagar


Elim Resort, Kanakapura Road


Angsana Resort, Rajanukunte


Royal Orchid, Yelahanka


Discovery Village, Kanakapura Road


Prestige Golfshire, Nandi Hills


Mango Mist, Bannerghatta Road


Guhantara Resort, Kanakapura Road

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