Corporate Team Outing Places In Pune

We must all hang together, or assuredly, we shall all hang separately.– Benjamin Franklin

A team is not just merely a group of employees. They have to be cohesive and be driven to achieve a common goal. They have to be constantly motivated and kept together to work together. The team building activities during corporate outings form a wonderful base to achieve such team spirit. These outings help in elevating employee morale, and, in turn, the team morale. The teams exhibit their innate talents by which each and every member of the team bonds well with each other. One of the key factors for achieving this employee togetherness and motivation is by choosing the right venue. Trebound with its well-structured team building games can transform these outings into a successful platform for employee motivation and team bonding.

Today, Pune is a hub for leading IT destination, logistics hub and a renowned center for the auto, design and white goods industries, amongst others. Popularly known as the Detroit of India, the city houses a large number of auto manufacturers. It is a blend of rich heritage and modernization. Pune city has around 40% of green coverage which is largest among the Indian cities, has become a much sort of venue for organizations for such outings. With a yearning team and by fixing a right venue, you can accomplish a successful corporate event here.

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In Pune, one can have a blend of luxury and adventure during a corporate team offsite or while acquiring new skills in outbound programs. Listed below are some of the resorts which can cater to both adventure and luxury:

1. Sunny’s World Resort

Sunny’s World Resort is the city’s best venue for corporate events. They have air-conditioned Banquet Halls which can cater 50 – 1000 people. Their hilltop lawns can accommodate 500-2000 People. The main attractions here in this venue are the 50 luxurious city-view cottages and India’s first of its kind glass tents. You can make use of a Helipad too to welcome special guests and clients. To top it all they have very friendly, efficient and courteous staffs ready to make your stay a memorable one.

When it comes to the right game to be conducted here, Jumbo Cricket is what hugely suggested. As a team building game which requires more open space, such a venue with a huge lawn is best suitable. The team synchronization, Trust, and coordination are some of the key skills that can be acquired from this game.

2. The Corinthians Resort

This resort is located in the southern part of Pune and is set like a jewel amidst 25 acres of lush green carefully manicured gardens. The GRECO-EYGPTIAN styled resort is a showcase of luxurious relaxation with tropically-inspired designs, grand architecture, a sun-drenched atrium, wide shaded corridors and flower lined patios for a memorable stay.

The Corinthian Resort and Club is a much sort after venue for residential conferences, corporate events, team building activities and for team outings. The venue is designed to conduct business meets in a professional way alongside leisure activities such as Cricket, outdoor & indoor activities, Swimming pool and football too. They have a dedicated professional team to handle the need of the clients from start to end.

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.

A game of Treasure Hunt which can bring in cross-functional collaborative skill, working with a common goal and thinking in a wider perspective, and, will be an apt one to be conducted in this resort.

3. Ambrosia Resort

Ambrosia Resort as per traveler’s verdict is a “Lovely place to spend quality time”. They have an excellent restaurant with wonderful food, ambiance, and impeccable service. They have a good place for team events and a nice lounge area too. It is a 3-star property with a spa attached to it.

The Key Punch is a high energy fun activity which targets employees to augment their skills of strategic planning, problem-solving, time management and communication.

4. Sentosa Resort

Sentosa resort is Pune’s one of the best water park with highest levels of safety and hygiene standards. The conference hall facilities for corporate in this aesthetically designed resort has all the equipment installed to meet the varied business needs. Their multi-cuisine and garden restaurant offers tasty and hygienic food in a serene and quite environ.

The game of Water Volleyball which brings about the competitive spirit, team spirit and collaboration is an ideal game to be conducted in the beautifully maintained lawns. An action-packed and a fun-filled game is sure to bring complete fun and togetherness.

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.

It is very rightly said by Dale Carnegie that people rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. In the similar line, Drew Pomeranz defines every corporate team outing as a learning experience. Having the teams that are S.M.A.R.T can bring about the desired results to corporates.

The formula of S.M.A.R.T goes like this:

S= Smash the negative / M= Maximize the Positive /A= Act / R=Relax /T=Target your next action

The stringent deadlines and work pressure put the teams in a position where they are unable to apply this formula all the time. When these outings are planned and designed by Trebound, it helps the team members to Smash their negatives, Maximize the positives coupled with Action-packed games & also Relax in the serene and tranquil resorts and get motivated and be ready to Target the next actions at the workplace. Hence, such corporate outings at regular intervals are a must to enthuse and bring out the best in the employees for an overall growth of the organization.

Corporate Team Outing Places in Pune

1. Team outing at Ambrosia Resort, Pune

Ambrosia Resort located on the outskirts of Pune, offers diverse options for an excellent corporate team outing. Trebound provides an appropriate number of team outing games creating an enriching experience.
2. Team outing at Sentosa Resort, Pune

Step into Sentosa resort, the world of pleasant change for your corporate team events in Pune. Trebound will ensure a breathtaking experience in this one-stop resource.
3. Team outing at Sunny's World Resort, Pune

Sunny's World Resort located in Pune is the best corporate team outing venue. Trebound makes it picture perfect by conducting fun team building activities that enhance numerous team skills.
4. Team outing at The Corinthians Resort, Pune

The Corinthians Resort, situated in the southern part of Pune has all the required amenities for a memorable corporate team offsite and Trebound with its various team building games, helps make it a lasting memory.

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.