Stays in chikmagalur
Select from our shortlisted corporate team outing places in Karnataka, we have a cumulative list of hotels, resorts and banquet halls for your next corporate team outing.
1. Team outing at Java Rain Resort, Chikmagalur

Improved team work is an efficient way to the organizational success. An engaging and experimental team building event with Trebound at Java Jain Resort in Chikmagalur and experience great results!
2. Team outing at Trivik Hotels and Resorts, Chikmagalur

Building a team bonding can be challenging. Trebound, through fun filled activities, provokes group thinking, encourage people to work as a team and create a retreat at Trivik Hotels & Resorts, Chikmagalur.
3. Team outing at Eagle Eye Holidays Resort, Chikmagalur

Leadership skills are the best cultivated when trained through fun and experiential way. Trebound can help building such leaders in your organization while organizing team events at Eagle Eye Holidays, Chikmagalur
4. Team outing at The Taj Gateway Hotel, Chikmagalur

Give your team a vintage experience. Trebound organizes corporate team outings in The Gateway Hotel, Chikmagalur, the amalgamation of colonial architecture and modern amenities.
5. Team outing at The Serai Resorts, Chikmagalur

Choosing the best venue to conduct corporate team offsite can be challenging and confusing. Trebound can partner with you, understand your goals, conduct team building activities and organize team outings.
Popular Activities

Chikmagalur placed at the highest peak of Karnataka comprises all the ingredients for a tremendous adventurous team outing. The serene mountains with beautiful nature trails are any trek lover’s paradise.

Recommended venues and activities in Chikmagalur

Go for innovative team building activities like the Trust Walk, Treasure Hunt and Paint the Canvas or Key Punch at the Java Rain Resort. Experience the positivity that your team members will get back with.

Retreat at the Trivik Hotels and Resorts and conduct team building activities like The Actuator or Water Volleyball. At the Eagle Eye Holidays Resort, explore your team’s strengths by playing fun team games like Key Punch and Multi-Ball Ring.

Gift your employees the vintage experience at The Taj Gateway Hotel, where you can conduct fun team activities like Pipeline and the Tetris Tower or pick The Serai Resorts, an excellent place to conduct challenging team activities like The Actuator, Roller Coaster, and Remote Car Challenge!

Team outings are a great way of employee engagement; making each team member feel nurtured and have a sense of ‘belonging to the organization.’ Pick Chikmagalur for your corporate offsite; a great place for your team to unwind, relax and bond positively.

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