Elevate your team's spirit with corporate team outing places in Mumbai by Trebound. Engage in team-building activities in the bustling financial capital.


Team outing at Eskay Resort, Mumbai

Unwind in Urban Oasis: Eskay Resort Mumbai for Team Outing

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Team outing at The Retreat Hotel & Convention Centre, Mumbai

Merge Business with Pleasure: Retreat Hotel Mumbai Team Event

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Team outing at Khopoli Camp

Reconnect with nature at Khopoli Camp

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Team outing at Ramada

Your oasis in the heart of the city.

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Team outing at The Resort

Unassuming resort with a spa, an outdoor pool & a restaurant, plus a cafe/bar & an adventure course.

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Mumbai - The Business Hub for Memorable Corporate Team Outings

Mumbai, often referred to as the "City of Dreams," is not just a bustling business hub but also an exciting destination for corporate team outings. This vibrant metropolis offers a wide range of options to combine work-related activities with team building and fun.

Fariyas Hotel Mumbai

Fariyas Hotel in Mumbai provides an ideal setting for corporate gatherings. With state-of-the-art conference facilities and comfortable accommodations, it offers a seamless blend of work and relaxation.

Cityscape Team Building

Take advantage of Mumbai's iconic cityscape as a backdrop for unique team building activities. From corporate treasure hunts along Marine Drive to problem-solving challenges at the Gateway of India, there are countless ways to foster teamwork and creativity.

The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre

The Retreat Hotel, nestled in the serene locales of Madh Island, is an oasis for corporate team outings. Its tranquil environment is perfect for brainstorming sessions, workshops, and corporate gatherings.

Camping at Camp Khopoli

If you're looking for a more adventurous team building experience, consider camping at Camp Khopoli. This outdoor location provides opportunities for activities such as rock climbing, raft building, and night safaris, ensuring your team returns with strengthened bonds.

Ramada Resort Navi Mumbai

Ramada Resort in Navi Mumbai offers the best of both worlds. Conduct meetings and presentations during the day, then unwind with team members at the resort's pool, spa, and other recreational facilities in the evenings.

TheResort Mumbai

Located on the Aksa Beach, TheResort in Mumbai offers a peaceful and rejuvenating environment for team outings. It's an excellent place to combine work with relaxation, offering spa treatments, team sports, and beachside fun.

The Diverse Cuisine

Mumbai is renowned for its diverse culinary scene. Organize team-building cooking challenges or indulge in team lunches and dinners at the city's many iconic restaurants, encouraging your team to bond over shared flavors and culinary experiences.

Mumbai's dynamic atmosphere, diverse culture, and countless venues make it an excellent destination for corporate team outings. Whether you choose Fariyas Hotel Mumbai, cityscape team building, The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre, camping at Camp Khopoli, Ramada Resort Navi Mumbai, TheResort Mumbai, or culinary experiences, your team-building activities in this thriving city will be both productive and memorable.


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