Stays in wayanad
Select from our shortlisted corporate team outing places in Kerala, we have a cumulative list of hotels, resorts and banquet halls for your next corporate team outing.
1. Team outing at Plantation Camp, Thirunelly, Wayanad, Kerala

Camping is a fantastic energetic activity proving hours of fun. Book a campsite in Plantation Camp, Thirunelly, Wayanad through Trebound and enjoy hassle-free hours!
2. Team outing at Arrow-hill Camp, Wayanad, Kerala

The hill clad natural environment offers the best venue for corporate team outing camps. Trebound can organize a stay for your team at Arrow-hill camp, Wayanad district, Kerala.
3. Team outing at Vythiri Village resort, Wayanad

Apt for those who love to relish misty mornings amidst a tranquil ambiance! A nature lover's paradise, this luxury resort, has all the ingredients necessary for a romantic rendezvous, surrounded by the all-enveloping natural vista!
4. Team outing at Banasura Hill Resort, Wayanad

This eco-friendly resort, with its thatched roofs and mud walls, is apt for a romantic sojourn in the lap of Nature! The verdant surroundings contribute to its magical ambience!
Popular Activities

Thinking of a unique corporate-team outing? Voila! Wayanad might be just the right place for that. Employees’ interacting with each other outside of their usual working environment is undoubtedly rejuvenating, accurately facilitating team bonding.

Recommended venues and activities in Wayanad

Plan a camping trip to the Plantation Camp, Thirunelly, a sure shot way to foster your team’s spirit and build cohesion among team members. The activities like Double Dragon, Trust Walk or Spider Web can be carried out here.

Arrow-hill Camp, Wayanad, Kerala is another remarkable team camping destination. Choose exciting activities like Water Volleyball, Pipeline or Raft building! How about the Banasura Hill Resort? - Get a feel of living in thatched roofs and mud walls! The team building activities like the Trust Walk, Multiball ring or even the F1 Challenge are the perfect choices here.

If you are looking for an exciting outdoor team adventure coupled with a round of corporate meetings or discussions, Vythiri Village resort, Wayanad is the right place for you. Choose The Actuator, Water Volleyball or Trust Walk team activities. Identifying each other’s interests and distinctive talents are vital to building a team bond that will be carried back to the workplace.

Yes, A hill station beaming with lush greens, forests and enchanting wildlife – Wayanad is indeed a nature lover’s paradise. As if this mesmerizing beauty wasn’t enough, this place also offers distinctive attractions like tree-top houses and mud houses!  

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.