What Should a Corporate
Team Outing Be?

Why Corporate team outing?

A successful corporate team outing helps to solidify bonds between colleagues, and gives them opportunities to communicate and collaborate outside of the workplace. While team building activities can be executed in the office, a team outing eliminates certain communicative boundaries that exist in that space. Trebound can bring the best solutions and conduct lot of fun team building activities for your team outing. Trebound consciously places the focus on overall morale, positivity, and personal growth as a team. Such excursions do not have to be large investments or take up long periods of time. They can be as simple as a day trip or as elaborate as a visit & stay at a resort, but they must be effective. The right team outing builds, for your company, what is known as intellectual capital. Intellectual capital is the idea that creates an upsurge in the overall competency.

Are you struggling to get more ideas for work team outings to make them successful? Trebound has the perfect solution which can be customized based on all your requirements.

Corporate Team Building Activities


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The Sloan Management Review, in 1958, labeled intellectual capital as a firm’s only truly appreciable asset. “Most other assets (building, plant, machinery, and so on) begin to depreciate when they are acquired. Intellectual capital must grow if a firm is to prosper.” Intellectual capital has included emotional intelligence for years, and it’s something that’s often taken for granted. While your team can be perfectly competent in their work, and a firm can function fueled by that competency, commitment to their company should not be lost in the mix. The team bonding outings ensure such mishapes don't occur among your teams.

Benefits of Corporate team outing?

A team offsite can increase that commitment, and can help a person immerse themselves into their work in a community that they can feel truly appreciates and understands the value of what they give. So, with this in mind, how can a truly effective team outing be created? An effective team outing program promotes emotional as well as intellectual intelligence between colleagues. In short, it helps them understand one another better. This level of understanding fuels competency in the workplace and, in general, makes a team much easier to work with.

Building emotional intelligence in corporation is imperative to the success of a team which can be accomplished through team building outings. Research from the Harvard Business Review in 2001 gave some insight on what it means to attain emotional intelligence. “Our research tells us that three conditions are essential to a group’s effectiveness: trust among members, a sense of group identity, and a sense of group efficacy. When these conditions are not met, going through the motions of cooperating and participating is still possible. But, the team will not be effective as they could be, because members will tend to hold back instead of fully engage.” An effective corporate team outing helps a team to build trust among members as they go about team building games and rely on one another for anything from completion of tasks to simple companionship. Also, a group identity can be solidified during team building activities on an outing as they focus their attention on certain tasks or attractions.

That identity, depending on the excursion, may or may not end up being partially formed by the chosen outing. It is, without question, that an effective team should build their sense of identity. But that identity, once built, must be renewed over time for it to truly be an asset. The trust, the identity, and the level of understanding built during a team outing can then translate to a sense of group efficacy. A team will essentially come to understand each other better, and that cooperation will show in how they relate in the workplace upon return. A team that goes and participates in team building activities will be more confident in their exchanges with one another and will be more willing to express their ideas without fear of criticism or judgement.

Location for Corporate team outing?

Corporate team outings are generally known for taking place in large resorts and spas for rest & relaxation, and maybe a seminar or two, but that’s only one of many options that are available to choose. The second most popular are camping trips or hikes, anything that involves nature. While those may seem old-fashioned and cliché, engaging with natural surroundings is known for its calming effect and for awakening senses of adventure. Newer ideas, that many millennials are also taking advantage of for fun and enrichment, include small attractions like Escape Rooms. In an Escape Room, a team is taken to a building where they are briefed on the task or tasks that they must complete to solve their given mystery and escape from the room that they are put in. These tend to take around an hour, so they can be done in addition to other activities.

Importance of Team building activities in a Corporate team outing

This concept illustrates the importance of team building activities in a team outing. The right activities can be the difference between breaking and creating tension within a team. One question to consider in that regard would be: what is your team’s common purpose? A common purpose is, simply, the unifying factor that binds a team to a task at hand. So, would your team be best unified in a game of laser tag? Making s’mores? Anna Keavney, a job training specialist from Australia states “The occurrence, quality and outcomes of team building events may be impacted by the business of the team or the lack of time taken to properly plan an event that is relevant and appropriate for the given team and its members. Trebound aids in building lot many ideas for team outings after which your employees return with enhanced strength and relaxed mind.

This is why, when planning a team outing, the type of team building activity that is chosen is just as important as choosing a right team outing venue  . It’s important that team members are able to interact during their outing with these events, but they must be appropriately planned to suit your team and your team’s common goals. So, the questions are:

  • What is your team’s common purpose?
  • What are your priorities for your corporate team outing, and are they the same priorities as your colleagues’?
  • What will engage and attract your team’s members while not creating tension and stress?

Corporate team outing in Bangalore

Bangalore, specifically, has several destinations in and around the city that are ideal for corporate team outings. There are resorts, camping grounds, and even more urban sightseeing opportunities that any employer can turn into a trip. The Golden Palms Resort is advertised as one of the best constructed resorts in Bangalore and surrounding cities. Also, there is Clark’s Exotica which has appropriate amenities to fit corporate conferences and business meeting requirements. There are so many opportunities in Bangalore to enrich the mind and to rejuvenate. Also, several of the venues in Bangalore  have well-maintained facilities made especially for team building activities. The Signature Resort advertises spacious lawns, conference rooms, a luxurious pool and much more. If a camping trip is the most ideal for your team, many of the campgrounds have walking trails. The Bheemeshwari Camp is lauded for its fishing and for the Bheemeshwari jungle huts and lodges designed for immersion into natural surroundings. Considering the wide variety of opportunities available, it is almost guaranteed that Bangalore will have the perfect destination for any team that will appropriately engage them and promote their emotional intelligence and understanding of one another.

While a team can perform the motions of cooperation and efficiently achieve tasks, that efficiency level goes up with the confidence and sense of identity that can be gleaned from the right corporate team outing comprised of fitting team building activities. A corporate team offsite can be as elaborate as a three-day excursion to a resort and spa or as simple as a day trip, as long as it is fulfilling and substantive, your team will be more effective and productive for it.

Trebound team with 18+ rich experience and a treasure of team outings ideas understands what is expected to achieve success. The happy clients who have reaped huge benefits during team outings have endorsed this capability as well.