Corporate Training Programs in Srilanka

“You don’t inspire your teammates
By showing how amazing you are,
You inspire them by showing How amazing they are" 

-Robyn Benincasa

A healthy organization values both its physical and intellectual capital equally. It is important for the management to make the employees feel special and ‘included’. The training and skill development programs help maintain and improve the Intellectual capital thereby helping the organization to adapt to the unforeseen complexities. Trebound is associated with uniquely exotic locations that can offer a plethora of facilities for corporate teams looking to propagate quality team building activities and organizing related events in Srilanka.

Activities for Corporate Training Programs In Srilanka

The appropriate Venue makes the Corporate Training Programs a Success

“The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it.” - Ray Kroc

Winning is not just about reaching a finish line by using the physical strength, but also reaching your satisfaction level by doing it right. Being content while winning requires a lot of right attributes throughout the journey. Likewise, being in the right place equally matters when it comes to corporate team outings. The worth and significance of corporate team offsite get multiplied when it is done at the right location. Trebound ensures that your entire team gets not only just enjoy their day & get de-stressed but also take back beautiful scenic memories along with them.

If you want your team to witness a shining sun all year round, golden beaches at sides in the historic cities, or want to give them the exciting safari rides where a vibrant culture makes it special presence, there is no other better place than Sri Lanka. Found at the tip of India, this exotic little island is abundant with spectacular discoveries for any tourist. A journey towards exploring the wildlife, a relaxing get-away in the sun, or even a quick business trip, there is something for everyone. There is a well-connected transport system and organized tours help one to visit many places on this beautiful island.

Leadership Training Programs in Srilanka

“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders” - Tom Peters

The corporates today need to focus on continuously providing training sessions in order to cope with the ever-changing skill demands. The leaders in the organization are very important as they empower and influence other stakeholders to achieve business and team goals. Leadership training helps to transform the performers as such influencers.

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.

Trebound can conduct a lot of team building games to nurture the key leadership skills in your performers. For an example, in order to nurture trust & collaboration skill, the Trust Walk can be an impactful corporate team building game. Here, one team member is blindfolded and the leader has to directs his blindfolded partner through obstacles primarily with the help of verbal cues. The leader becomes the eyes of the member with which he has to finish the game. Located on the south-west coast of Sri Lanka is the Mandara Resort wherein your leadership team enjoys at the beach and relax under the sun. Who doesn't like a refreshing beach visit?

You can also plan a few simple yet highly effective team building activities in the beautiful venues of Srilanka. Mirissa is one of the best solutions as well when you want to recognize special achievers in a superior way. Yes, planning a Water volleyball as a part of the Corporate training programs will help them relax while collaborating with others. Believed to be a blast from the past, this activity, as the name suggests, is a volleyball game with an interesting twist of water balloons. It guarantees to bring out the child in your employees which they have left behind due to all those long working hours and challenging deadlines.

Another activity like the treasure hunt which can be organized at the Lake Resort is unique because this corporate team building activity intends to enhance the team performance for all levels of management - from the executive to the leadership levels, designed for any team that needs effective communication, coordination, and team bonding.

Life Skill Development Training Program in Srilanka

In a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. The dramatic changes in global economies along with the transformation in technology are all showing their impact on education, the workplace and on the personal life. To cope with the increasing pace and change in modern life, new life skills such as the ability to manage the constant challenges, deal with stress and frustration are highly required. These skills can also help one conquer some common challenges that can occur when they are learning to be independent and self-reliant. The adventurous team building games such as ‘Rod Bending’ or ‘Fire Walk’ can be conducted as a part of corporate training programs in Srilanka to indulge various brevity inducing skills.

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.

Teaching different skills and improving the ones your employees already possess can help them stand out from the crowd. Working on their abilities can make them more productive and gain confidence in whatever they do. There are skills needed for jobs that are not only desirable by employers but necessary in order to grow in one’s current role or work well as a team.

It is important for the organizations to find out specific skill requirement which is significant to improve the personal and professional life of their employees. Such a way, they can build a lot of leaders who will take the organization to many heights. Trebound helps in building the vision, choose the right venue, organize & conduct team building activities for your corporate training programs in Srilanka.

“There are good leaders who actively guide and bad leaders who actively misguide. Hence, leadership is about persuasion, presentation, and people skills.” - Shiv Kedar

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.