Business Etiquette Training


1-2 Days

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15 - 50

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There is no denying the power of business etiquette in making a lasting impression, striking a deal as well as building long lasting relationships. This skill of being poised, confident and possessing an appropriate conduct is often paid little attention to by professionals but certainly not the people who they come in contact with.

While expertise in a particular business domain is essential for a successful image, so is the knowledge of good manners. This entails everything from establishing a good association, being gracious in social situations, following a particular code of conduct as well as dressing suitably for any business occasion.

When employees interact with others, their manners directly reflect upon the company too. Business etiquette especially holds great value in making a mark and standing apart from the rest in today’s world of cut-throat competition, In some cases, even an improper introduction, or one mistake in the employee’s conduct can lead to a huge loss is the business.

At Trebound, we understand the role business etiquettes plays in the growth and success of the company. Our training program focuses on the following objectives:

  1. Successfully handling initial contact and business introductions with a professional and confident conduct.
  2. Establishing and upholding an impression of credibility, power and efficiency during business meetings.
  3. Abiding by telephone etiquette and making an impactful first impression on the callers with a confident, upbeat and cheerful tone.
  4. Understanding workplace dressing decorum.
  5. Following essential guidelines of written communication etiquette.
  6. Paying attention to proper etiquette, protocol and manners of formal business dining.

Training Techniques

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Role Plays
  • Games and Group Activities
  • Through our sessions which are carefully curated by the experts in the industry, we empower employees with competencies such as:

  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Body Language
  • Visual Appeal
  • Emotional Quotient
  • Relationship Building
  • Training Topics:

  • The Communication Jungle: Understanding Different Communication Styles
  • This course is initiated with the powerful tool of The Communication Jungle. Here, candidates will be taught to recognise their own behavioural pattern as well as that of colleagues and clients in order to be able to adapt their communication skills accordingly. This attribute is especially valuable for those who have to interact with different kinds of people and wish to get along with them.

  • Communication Etiquette: Saying and Doing the "Right" Things
  • This particular course enables participants to hone their business communication skills. This includes anything and everything from creating an impactful and dynamic introduction for self and others, enhancing listening skills, donning appropriate business attire, conducting good telephone behaviour and using language that is grammatically correct, eloquent and coherent.

  • The art of being a gracious host and guest
  • This session delves deeper into the finer nuances of being a host as well as a guest. It covers a range of topics from proper dining etiquette, duties to respectable behaviour. It also touches upon handling unfavourable situations such as you spilling food on your companion, or your host showing no initiative to pay for the bill, etc. There might be a practise session too where candidates can put their learnings to a true test.

  • Appropriate decorum outside regular business set-ups: Business travel, parties, trade shows and similar
  • There are certain protocols to be followed outside the regular confines of a business set-up as well, such as while on a travel for business-related issues, seminars, parties and the likes. This session focuses on the various likely and unlikely situations that arise in these circumstances and the best possible way to tackle them. Certain examples include when best to tip or hand out business cards and how to introduce yourself at trade shows. If the client wishes, a session on international etiquette can be covered as well.

  • Dressing the part: Creating an impact with what you wear
  • Along with having strong communication skills, making a powerful visual impression further aids in creating an impact. Similarly, dressing shabbily can have a negative effect as well. Candidates will learn to gauge for themselves what consists of appropriate and inappropriate work attire through a series of photographs that are presented before them. They learn to differentiate between merely adhering to a dress code versus appearing their finest. Participants are also taught how to look well groomed and be appropriately dressed without overspending.

    By the end of it, candidates will be well-versed with various communication styles and etiquette pertaining to the business-related situations. They will be prepared to handle any situation in the most dignified manner.

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