Customer Service Training


1-2 Days

Activity Time

15 - 20

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Providing a good customer service is essential for businesses to sustain and progress. Similarly, a poor one can be detrimental to the company.

When it comes to customer services, several questions arise - how to up the ante when it comes to delivering exceptional services? What is the ideal way to tackle a challenging situation? How can related stress can be reduced? Being able to offer the best service entails adopting a proactive approach where one is vigilant towards changing requirements as well as mindful of the problems that unfold.

This session curated by experts illuminates on various aspects of effective customer service such as what comprises exceeding performance, ways to showcase a customer-friendly image and how to deal with challenging customers. It enables employees to maintain and foster a successful customer-supplier relationship. Participants master varied tools and techniques to hone their profession as well as gain a thorough understanding of the matter.

At Trebound, we realise the value of effective customer services. Our training program focuses on the below objectives:

  1. Comprehend and deliver exceptional customer service
  2. Employ a consistent and professional style while interacting with customers.
  3. Identify the pitfalls and shortcomings in enabling an outstanding service.
  4. Successfully adapt to different customer behaviour patterns.
  5. Learn to gauge and measure customer satisfaction levels as well as take on a corrective action if required.
  6. Employ tools to tackle furious or unhappy customers. Learn to turn it into a positive experience.
  7. Enhance customer service skills.

Training Techniques

  1. PowerPoint Presentation
  2. Role Plays
  3. Games and Group Activities
  4. Case Studies

Our program is designed to empower the employees with the following competencies:

  1. Managing Expectations
  2. Effective Relationship
  3. Communication
  4. Feedback
  5. Active Listening
  6. Customer Service

Training Topics:

An introduction to excellence

The first session paves the way for future excellence providing you with important knowledge of what makes for surpassed customer service. It also touches upon bad customer service that leads to losses.

Going beyond delivery: Nine expectations

While delivering a product or service is extremely important, it does not suffice to determine profits. Go beyond and learn nine expectations of the customers and also understand how they can be fulfilled.

Master various communication styles

Every customer demonstrates different behavioural patterns. The key to communicating effectively is to be able to adjust communication styles as per the customer. With the help of 'The Communication Jungle’, get empowered and be able to converse in different ways that are impactful and effective.

Learn how to say it

This session focuses on ways to use language to its best advantage while dealing with the customers. There is also a section on saying the word ‘no’ or related phases in a manner which does not cause issues later on.

Effectively tackling challenging customers

Interacting with some customers can at times be nothing short of a nightmare. This session takes into account real life case studies and imparts valuable knowledge on ways of handling customers who are short tempered, tend to complain, try to take advantage of the organisation and similar.

Availing of communication tools in the most effective manner

While communication tools such as voicemail, emails, etc., are meant to enhance business interaction, if not used rightly, they can prove to be an impairment. This session teaches participants how to use various mediums in the best manner for optimal impact.

Better company's customer service

This practical session looks into the current customer service methods and asks candidates what measures can they take in a span of a week of month as an individual or a group to bring about a change for the better.

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