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There is no denying the fact that in today’s global corporate scenario, product differentiation stands at a bare minimum. What sets a brand apart is its identity, the values it stands for, and in terms of offerings - the service it gives to its clientele. Here’s where soft skills comes into effect. It refers to those skills that employees of an organisation must adopt in order to define a brand in the eyes of the clients. Today, organisations are understanding the indispensable role these skills play in acquiring, satisfying, and retaining the demanding needs of clients.

Trebound’s Soft Skills Training Module has been designed keeping in mind current market requirements, the levels of service already existent, and the need for an organisation to differentiate. Through our training, we aim to:

  1. Develop effective communication and presentation skills
  2. Conduct effective business correspondence
  3. Mastering interpersonal, team management, and leadership skills
  4. Develop all-round personality with an outlook that ensures adaptability

Training Techniques:

  1. Presentation
  2. Role Plays
  3. Games and Group Activities
  4. Movie and Audio Clips

As part of our training modules, we at Trebound, aim to target the following competencies:

  1. Communication
  2. Sense of Ownership
  3. Time Management
  4. Innovation
  5. Emotional Quotient
  6. Interpersonal Skills

Training Modules

The modules covered under the Trebound Soft Skills Training can be personalised to meet a whole host of specific requirements. The following are some of the modules that can be included in our schedule:

Communication Skills

This module will offer comprehensive guide on multiple aspects of communication. This will comprise listening and conversational skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, and body language essentials among others.

Presentation and Business Communication Skills

For those who represent your brand, presentation and communication skills are quintessential. This module throws light on aspects like effective speaking, addressing technical audiences and best way to handle questions.

Interpersonal and Team Skills

No business can work without an effective team. And good communication forms the basis on which a great team can be built. This module elaborates on topics like interpersonal communication, assertiveness, confrontation and conflict resolution.

Personal Effectiveness Skills

For every individual, your personality speaks volumes. And at Trebound, we understand the impact it can make. That’s why we help you sharpen your skills at business etiquette, emotional intelligence, and time management among an array of other aspects that define you and your personality.

Managerial and Supervisory Skills

Managers and supervisors have an important role to play in the success of an organisation. Which is why they need training that is targeted and impactful. We train new managers on how to deal with common business scenarios, help enhance interviewing skills for recruitment, and encourage the development of a knack for effective delegation, motivation, and appraisals.

Leadership Skills

In this module, we have created one of the best guides on leadership by collating information from various industries. Some of the topics covered in this section include:

  1. Common leadership mistakes
  2. Best practices of successful leaders
  3. Identifying your individual leadership style
  4. Women in leadership etc.

Sales and Customer Service Skills

No business can survive without effective sales. And in today’s competitive business environment, after-sales too plays a defining role in achieving customer satisfaction. Recognising this and addressing the need for employee skills, we train in selling skills, customer service skills, professional selling, selling to major accounts, managing the sales force, and many other such subjects.

Cross-cultural Skills

In a world of globalisation, there is an ever-increasing need to adapt to cross-cultural people – be it in terms of teams or clients. This module therefore includes topics such as cultural intelligence, cross cultural awareness and communications, as well cross cultural skills for international business, among others.

English Language Skills

At Trebound, we understand that the knowledge of English is essential, especially when it comes to expanding and sustaining businesses. We offer:

Two and three-day programs in written business communications

Intensive English programs conducted over several weeks or months to meet the specific needs of clients

Communication can make or break your organisation. And at Trebound, we recognise its value like no other. Our team of experienced and expert professionals are ever-ready to guide you to success through well-planned schedules that are tailored to meet your individual needs.

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