Engage, Educate and Encourage Your Dealers & Distributors Through the Best Team Building Activities

“Make your dealers your Partners.” The Harvard Business Review reasons out ‘the system of distribution and product support that foster close customer relationship’ for the success of ‘Caterpillar’ among its gigantic competitors. There are businesses where the dealers and distributors act as the face and the goodwill ambassadors.

The dealers and distributors meet to provide a higher platform to align your Goal, Vision, and Mission appropriately with that of your dealers. Involve them in the right set of team building activities, recognize them thoroughly to understand the clients better.

Dealers differentiate your Presence in the Market:

A motivated distributor becomes ‘loyal’ to your business. Engaging a group of dealers in the ‘Actuator’ activity is highly recommended here. When the teams are asked to build a product using certain tools, they collaborate, think out of the box and come up with a series of complex transitions. They understand the supply chain better, use creativity and feel so energized. Such engagement can help you retain the dealers, and they do not ‘brand switch.’

Firewalk is another high impact team building game that dramatically increases the risk-taking ability in your dealers.

Educate your distributors by understanding the Pain points:

Finding out their pain points and addressing it through the right team bonding activity will help a lot in increasing the sales. For example, when you engage your dealers in F1 Challenge or Remote Car Challenge, you inculcate management skill, problem-solving and design thinking ability. As they communicate to build the basics, race with each other, the fun-filled environment, these team engagement activities are sure to address various pain areas.

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.

These team bonding activities can be put to the best use when you want to share insights on the new product launch and the advantages of the product.

Brand Promotion and Increasing Sales through your Dealership Meets

“Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is Relax” – Mark Black

End of the day, your dealers and distributors work very hard to build your business in parallel to make theirs. The dealers meet come with a lot of technical and management training or workshop sessions; at times they get more anxious about the future course of action. Make them relax through ‘Drum Circle’ a high energy fun activity. The teams are sure to shoo away the anxiety that comes with the business.

When their mind is relaxed, the learning will be better, ultimately results in better brand promotion and increased sales through these channel partners.

Induce ‘Challenging Mindset’ to Achieve Competitive Advantage:

The ‘Challenges’ make one grow higher. Induce the competitive spirit through ‘cooking challenge.’ ‘Chef’ s hat has the power to induce accountability and responsibility which are the core skills for any dealer to win over clients. Inculcating such leadership abilities helps as a critical marketing strategy to retain the dealers with you. The dealers also understand the importance of collaborating to meet the end goal.

Paint the Canvas’ is another activity where the teams are on their toe where they are involved in two different activities. This team engagement activity is perfect before you give ‘vote of thanks’ for the efforts they have been taking. The distributors learn to communicate, multi-task yet enjoy the process and outcome.

Your gratitude stays in their mind and heart, sure to make yours a ‘Super Brand’ and elevate the brand equity of the business among the dealers and distributors. 

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.