One Day Corporate Outing In And Around Mumbai

The flourishing finance capital city Mumbai offers beautiful areas for organizing corporate offsite or adventurous team outing. Be it a comfortable trip or build skills or hosting events to make critical management decisions, this beautiful city in Maharashtra has something to give complete satisfaction.

Let your teams Rejuvenate in the Resorts of Mumbai

Resorts are preferred corporate team outing places because of the serene and comfortable environment one can get here. The serenity brings a smile to the depraved heart. Take your teams to places like ‘Eskay Resorts.’ The calmness inducing impact starts at the reception area where the interiors are done to bring peace to mind. The restaurant ‘Jade Bowl’ with its fantastic interior is sure to bring a luxurious feel to the employees. They are sure to feel being treated royal. There is a huge open space that offers a perfect arena if you want to conduct an event for a more significant group.

The Resort to conduct Major Corporate Event in Mumbai

‘The Resort Mumbai’ comes with 9 spacious halls and conference facilities to engage smaller to more prominent groups. There is one space that can accommodate up to 1200 members. Yes, based on the goal of the event, size of the teams, allotted budget, you can choose the right combination of space, team building activities, and games for your corporate offsite. If you are bringing the employees from other branches, there are almost 90 rooms here which can be used for staying very well.

Do you want a venue to combine the business event with corporate fun outing?

Yes, combining a serious event and a fun outing can be tricky, and the chances of one aspect getting diluted are very high. With their vast experience, Trebound recommends ‘The Retreat Hotel & Convention Center’ to accommodate fun and crucial corporate outbound. This location stands majestically in the Madh Island, Erangal Beach. If you want to engage your international clients along with the local teams, you don’t have to see anywhere. The open-air jacuzzi and a huge swimming pool offer some private space for the guests.

The waterfall-like structure and other water bodies here give an opportunity to play various team building activities like Water Volleyball. You can build a competitive spirit, strategic thinking, team spirit, adaptability and many other skills among your employees.

Build numerous skills by organizing corporate team outing in and around Mumbai

The fun way of building skills among teams will help in reaping greater returns on all your investments. This also becomes a core attribute to retain your employees. Choosing the right location is critical here. Fariyas Hotel Mumbai has the best conference facilities where you can conduct the right corporate team building games to develop bonding and required skills. If you are looking for a place to build leadership and strategic skills, we recommend Ramada Navi Mumbai. If you want to organize camping around Mumbai for your teams, you have beautiful campsites available near lake Kalote.

Even the successful employees need to relax once in a while to keep up with the Eustress, positive stress. Plan it well to make it fruitful!!!

Places For One Day Corporate Team Outing In & Around Mumbai

1. Team outing at The Resort, Mumbai

corporate team outing at the resort,mumbai
2. Team outing at The Retreat Hotel & Convention Centre, Mumbai

A refreshing change, The Retreat is just perfect to de-stress and revitalize with its amazing beach-side location and impeccable service. It is just perfect for business conferences, workshops and programs as the hotel offers fully-equipped convention centres and banquet venues.
3. Team outing at Eskay Resort, Mumbai

Humbly nestled in one of the few green coves within the concrete jungle of Mumbai city, The E Hotel is a one of a kind luxurious escape. A contrast to the frantic, driven existence of urban life in the financial capital of the country, The E Hotel is a haven of positive energies, thoughtfulness and creative abundance.Modeled on an assimilation of Buddhist and Japanese philosophies, East-Asian mysticism and Zen culture, the hotel transcends luxury and provides an experiential living experience that abounds in calm and soulful rejuvenation.
4. Team outing at Fariyas Hotel, Mumbai

Guests coming to South Mumbai can enjoy their stay at The Fariyas Hotel that provides luxurious comfort and meets the needs of this generation's savvy business travellers around the globe. This boutique hotel is best known for its amazing location and hospitality.
5. Team Outing at Ramada Navi, Mumbai

The hotel has a range of facilities to cater to guests' needs. For a delightful dining experience, the hotel's in-house restaurants serve a choice of cuisines featuring a coffee shop, Indian Vegetarian Restaurant, Multi- Cuisine Restaurant, Open Air Barbecue and Lounge Bar. Also, the hotel has a fitness center with trainers, swimming pool, large state of the art Conference and Banqueting facilities, a jacuzzi and a business center.
6. Team Outing at Khopoli Camp, Near Mumbai

Are you tired of spending, what seems to be, an eternity enduring the tropical hell of the concrete jungle? What you really need is a much-needed respite in the form of a monsoon getaway. Letscampout's Sabharwals Farm campsite is just what the doc ordered. Expect to be nestled in a lush carpet of foliage overlooking the Kalote Lake and Mountains surrounging in this unique location, even as the mighty Sahyadri caresses you with its gentle blend of cloud and mist. We host the campsite for not more than 50 patrons to ensure the best possible experience. Located just 60 km away from Mumbai, This campsite strikes a fine balance between easy accessibility and being the perfect hideaway unsullied by tourists.

Team Building Activities For One Day Corporate Team Outing In & Around Mumbai

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