One of the most stimulating challenges faced by various organizations today is their ‘inability to adapt to fast-paced changes’ or lack of preparation for an ‘uncertain future.’ Research conducted by Harvard Business Publishing has ample evidence to prove that the deficiency inherently lies in the inadequate focus on the ‘right kind’ of leadership training.

Many companies spent a fortune on various leadership-trainings with little or no effect. Do you know the key reason? Because most of these programs are designed to incorporate multiple ideas and concepts without much focus on ‘habit formation.’

“If you want to break through to higher levels of performance, you must allow yourself to be restructured.” 
― William A. Adams, Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results

Yes - Leadership is a ‘habit’ that you develop through experience, application, reflection, and reformation. It requires time. It is more about ‘building skills’ than gaining knowledge. You can learn various points and concepts that you’ll be able to add to your leadership toolkit, but without forming a habit, you’ll inevitably fail to put these into action.

The corporate outbound training has the ‘sheer potential’ to impact participant’s perspectives and behaviors and transfer these learnings to the workplace.

How does outbound training help to build ‘effective’ leaders?

Effective leaders are not just people with excellent interpersonal skills; they also need to have a strong sense of self-awareness, clear vision, risk-taking abilities and above all the capability to listen and accept new ideas with the willingness to change. No leader is born with these qualities; instead, they evolve into strong personalities by building on these habits.

That is why our outbound leadership training programs are focused on ‘experiential learning’ where we use innovative and fun corporate team building activities. We ‘engage’ participants to experiment, build, analyze and apply their learnings in following activities to create an impact in the workplace.

Learn to lead by ‘positive influence.’

“Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.” — Stephen Covey

As a leader, you must be capable to ‘rally your troops.’ No doubt, getting everybody on the same page is not easy - but if you master the art, it becomes a tremendous asset. Anybody can be a leader but to be a ‘good’ one, you need to have the confidence, charisma, and ability to interact and collaborate with individuals from all levels.

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You need to be able to control your emotions as well as be sensitive towards others. The ability to manage emotions can have a profound influence on done and of course your relationships and the way you manage teams in the workplace. The outbound-trainings help to implement this with several activities that will test the ‘emotional intelligence’ of your leaders. Participants can get a fair idea of their strengths and work on their weaknesses through continuous reformation.

Ability to make ‘informed decisions,’ ‘execute’ and ‘deliver’ them

Leaders who can gauge a situation thoroughly and make quick and stern decisions are more effective than their counterparts. This ability may seem more natural than it is. Apart from the intellectual power to decode information, they also require the confidence to instill trust in their decisions and follow through with them.

Haven’t we seen several examples of leaders who swiftly managed their way up? What’s that one thing they all have in common? – It’s the ability to ‘get stuff done.’ These leaders create a strategic plan and find a way to execute them in a timely and effective manner. All this has to be managed while ensuring that their employees are also getting that work-life balance they need to stay energized and motivated.

The outbound programs have several activities that focus on this ‘key aspect’ of being able to get things done and of course – effectively!

Have a ‘Vision’ and be able to ‘Communicate it Clearly.’

Share organizational vision & objectives with your team so that they have a clear path to follow. Get them to ‘buy into’ your vision by explaining to them how it can improve the business and in turn benefit them. To be able to do this, it is imperative to work on your ‘communication’ and ‘listening’ skills.

Yes - It is as essential to take in the feedback of the employees as it is to impart your ideas to them. The outbound program will enable the participants to accept suggestions from fellow team-mates willingly. This capability allows them to feel a sense of ‘belonging’ and will greatly help in improving their productivity. The outbound sessions will help in ‘formulating your vision’ and ‘communicating’ it through various activities that focus on building your verbal, non-verbal and listening skills.

Be willing to ‘Educate Yourself’ and ‘Swiftly Adapt.’

It’s a fact - We are all prone to errors! A great leader is well aware that the key to success is not to avoid failures but to have the willingness to learn from your mistakes and make the necessary changes. The key is to ‘never stop learning.’ Always keep looking for changes and new information around the world and beyond and be willing to adapt swiftly.

The corporate outbound training includes several self-assessments sessions where participants are asked not only to perform tasks but to reflect on their learning and make necessary amendments to enable them to perform better.

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Creating compelling and influential leaders at all levels requires ‘substantial’ and ‘sustained’ effort. There are no shortcuts to developing deep and broad leadership teams. It is a continuous effort that puts ‘prospective leaders’ in roles that stretch them beyond their current skills and continuously coaching and encouraging them so that they can evolve into effective leaders as rapidly as possible. Outbound-trainings focus on instilling these vital skills and qualities relevant for leaders through constant pre and post assessments to deliver the desired outcomes.

Activities For Leadership Outbound

Venues For Leadership Outbound

1. Team outing at Heritage Resort, Hampi

Diving deep into challenges together and to work against odds, team bonding is important. Trebound can arrange a fun corporate team outing at Heritage Resort, Hampi and bond your team in remarkable ways!
2. Team outing at Hyatt Place, Hampi

Are you planning a getaway with your team for some off-site team building? Hyatt Place, Hampi offers a perfect blend of hospitality coupled with leisure in its perfectly manicured green grounds.
3. Team outing at Java Rain Resort, Chikmagalur

Improved teamwork is an efficient way for organizational success. An engaging and experimental team building event with Trebound at Java Jain Resort in Chikmagalur and experience great results!
4. Team outing at The Serai Resorts, Kabini

If you are looking at spending the corporate team outbound in the laps of the countryside, the Serai Resorts, Kabini is the best place. A fun outing with Trebound will make it a unique and serene experience for your team.
5. Team outing at Trivik Hotels and Resorts, Chikmagalur

Building a team bonding can be challenging. Trebound, through fun-filled activities, provokes group thinking, encourage people to work as a team and create a retreat at Trivik Hotels & Resorts, Chikmagalur.
6. Team outing at Club Mahindra Virajpet, Coorg

To achieve an organizational goal, having a dedicated and well-bound team is utmost important. Team Trebound understands and arranges a corporate team outbound for you in Club Mahindra, Virajpet, Coorg.
7. Team outing at Sanskruti Resort, Gokarna

Sanskruti Resort is an ideal spot for a team that wishes to spend some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With Trebound, your team outings would be perfect.
8. Team outing at Clarks Exotica, Airport Road, Bangalore

Trebound arranges fun team activities in Clarks Exotica, Airport Road, Bangalore and aid to improve in decision making, problem-solving skills in your team. It is time to strengthen team bonding.
9. Team outing at Signature Club Resort, Bangalore

Are you looking at cultivating time & resource management skills in your team? Trebound can organize a corporate team outing at Signature Club Resort at Devanahalli as a company-wide retreat and help build skills.
10. Team outing at Prestige Golfshire Club, Bangalore

Prestige Golfshire Resort in Bangalore has a perfect combination of self-indulgent features and impeccable service. Trebound brings in ultra-luxurious experience to your team during corporate offsite.
11. Team outing at Silent Shores Resort & Spa, Mysore

Trebound now conducts various team building games in a wonderful lakeside Silent Shores Resort. This resort in Mysore is designed to provide a welcome escape from the high-intensity environment.
12. Team outing at Heritage Resort, Coorg

During a corporate team outing, the team makes memories and practice skills to help strengthen their work relationships. Trebound can create that magic and get your team covered at Heritage Resort, Coorg.
13. Team outing at Fortune JP Palace, Mysore

Heightened solidarity is an actual path to the triumph of any organization. Accomplish greater outcomes while Trebound arranges your corporate team offsite at Fortune JP Palace, Mysore!
14. Team outing at Evolve Back (Orange County) Resort, Coorg

How about building skills in your team in an environment surrounded by the aroma of spices & Coffee? Trebound can organize corporate team outings and conduct fun team building activities in Evolve Back (Orange County) Resort, Coorg.
15. Team outing at Evolve Back (Orange County) Resort, Kabini

Organising corporate team outing requires careful planning and scheduling. Developing a partnership with Trebound will take away all the hurdles associated with team outings and you reap huge ROI.
16. Team Outing at Radisson Blu Plaza, Mysore

Trebound now conducts various team building activities in an amazing Radisson Blu which is an easily accessible venue in Mysore. Your team spends more time in engagement games rather than traveling.
17. Team outing at The Taj Gateway Hotel, Chikmagalur

Give your team a vintage experience. Trebound organizes corporate team outings in The Gateway Hotel, Chikmagalur, the amalgamation of colonial architecture and modern amenities.
18. Team outing at The Serai Resorts, Chikmagalur

Choosing the best venue to conduct corporate team offsite can be challenging and confusing. Trebound can partner with you, understand your goals, conduct team building activities and organize team outings.
19. Team outing at Vivanta By Taj, Madikeri

Give your leaders an opportunity to rediscover themselves through a rich corporate team offsite experience in Vivanta by Taj, Madikeri. Trebound can make it more memorable and create long-lasting impact.
20. Team outing at The Windflower Jungle Resorts & Spa, Bandipur

The well-clipped backdrop of the Windflower Resort is the best corporate team outing places in Bandipur where Trebound can organize team outing. Let your employees engage in a lot of fun activities and relax.
21. Team outing at The Windflower Resorts & Spa, Coorg

The well-trimmed scenery of the Windflower Resort in Coorg is the best corporate team outing places recommended by Trebound. They can organize fun team outing and engage your employees in the multitude of activities.
22. Team outing at Aalankrita Resort, Hyderabad

Aalankrita has emerged as one of the finest resort featuring a wide range of options and opportunities for Trebound and their client to have a memorable time in Hyderabad.
23. Team outing at Golkonda Resorts and Spa, Hyderabad

Golkonda resort offers state-of-the-art facilities and Trebound ensures an enriching stay and a truly memorable corporate team outing experience in Hyderabad.
24. Team outing at Leonia Resort, Hyderabad

The verdant oasis, Leonia Resort, Hyderabad, provides a tranquil and a fun-filled getaway for the corporate team. An array of adventure activities from Trebound assures to bring out the child in you.
25. Team outing at Ambrosia Resort, Pune

Ambrosia Resort located on the outskirts of Pune, offers diverse options for an excellent corporate team outing. Trebound provides an appropriate number of team outing games creating an enriching experience.
26. Team outing at Sunny's World Resort, Pune

Sunny's World Resort located in Pune is the best corporate team outing venue. Trebound makes it picture perfect by conducting fun team building activities that enhance numerous team skills.
27. Team Outing at Vivanta by Taj, Fort Aguada, Goa

Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa, Goa is an idyllic haven set in the sylvan surroundings adjacent to Fort Aguada. Magnificent architecture in Goan Portuguese style with lavish and vibrant furnishings meet splendid waters of Sinquerim beach below. The beautiful Balinese landscaping, swaying palms and panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and Goa are bound to create a theatrical Goan setting for a luxurious stay.
28. Team outing at Radisson Goa, Candolim

Enjoy and relish in the arms of nature and pristine beauty at Radisson Goa Candolim . Truly inspired by the Portuguese culture, allow the guests to feel the fresh air and ancient culture. Its pleasant atmosphere and environment rejuvenate one's mind, body soul, and spirits. With exotic and delicious food, this place ensures a peaceful stay.
29. Team outing at The Leela, Cavelossim, Goa

The Leela, Goa is the paramount rest for a decisive beach holiday with natural beauty and Portuguese inheritance of South Goa. It is spread in 75 acres with a perfect beach, a 12 hole golf course and a dining matching world standards. The magnificence and opulence of this hotel will take your breath away and offer an experience of a lifetime.
30. Team outing at Grand Hyatt, Bambolim, Goa

In the heart of Goa, Grand Hyatt is a marvelous 5-star property. With plush rooms and spectacular views of the waterfront, this property has everything to make their guests experience 'the best'. The hotel is spread across 28 acres of colorful tropical gardens and verdant lawns that roll down to the water's edge. The grandeur of the 17th century Indo-Portuguese palace is one of the captivating features. Grand Hyatt is 'just the thing' for leisure and corporate travelers.
31. Team outing at Accord, Pondicherry

The first 5-star business cum leisure hotel in the union territory of Pondicherry. It is set in a serene, arboreal locale in the heart of the city. Accord Puducherry is the perfect weekend getaway for a traveler.
32. Team outing at Le Pondy, Pondicherry

Le Pondy Beach and Lake Resort is a confluence of modern-day luxury and the historic charm of Pondicherry. One of the leading beach resorts, this hotel provides the best in hospitality and creature comforts. The true spirit of the city, architecture and the colonial ambiance is best experienced here.
33. Team outing at Vythiri Village resort, Wayanad

Apt for those who love to relish misty mornings amidst a tranquil ambiance! A nature lover's paradise, this luxury resort, has all the ingredients necessary for a romantic rendezvous, surrounded by the all-enveloping natural vista!
34. Team outing at The Zuri Kumarakom, Kerala Resort & Spa

Zuri', which in Swahili means 'far beyond expectation', promises nothing short of it! The essence of the 'Zuri' experience is in providing each one of our guests with an experience that is unique or special to him/her. Service that goes far beyond expectations to ensure that you will always want to return for more. And we will be waiting to welcome you back! The Zuri hotels & resorts has Hotels in Goa, five star business hotel in Bangalore and luxury resort in Kumarakom, Kerala as its 5 Star Deluxe properties, while The Retreat Goa by Zuri is an all suite hotel is a 5 Star property. Welcome back to hospitality. The way it was meant to be!
35. Team outing at the Leela Kovalam, Kerala

Perched atop a seaside cliff, this beach resort offers plush rooms, decked with warm wooden interiors. Guests can unwind over a game of tennis, relish breathtaking views of the sea or laze on the secluded beach that is a short stroll away!
36. Team outing at Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa Kovalam

Vivanta by Taj Kovalam is an amalgamation of a seaside resort and hillside layout. The beautiful architecture, luxurious rooms, beautiful backwater views and serene environs, everything will make the guests stay a memorable one. This 5-star property provides unrivaled hospitality and excellent services for all those tourists visiting Kerela.
37. Team outing at Lake Palace Resort, Alleppey

Lake Palace Resort, Alleppey, is a sprawling construction fenced with palm groves and pristine beaches. The resort has emerged as the most-sought destination for travellers across the world seeking an authentic backwater experience.
38. Team outing at The Retreat Hotel & Convention Centre, Mumbai

A refreshing change, The Retreat is just perfect to de-stress and revitalize with its amazing beach-side location and impeccable service. It is just perfect for business conferences, workshops and programs as the hotel offers fully-equipped convention centres and banquet venues.
39. Team Outing at Ramada Navi, Mumbai

The hotel has a range of facilities to cater to guests' needs. For a delightful dining experience, the hotel's in-house restaurants serve a choice of cuisines featuring a coffee shop, Indian Vegetarian Restaurant, Multi- Cuisine Restaurant, Open Air Barbecue and Lounge Bar. Also, the hotel has a fitness center with trainers, swimming pool, large state of the art Conference and Banqueting facilities, a jacuzzi and a business center.
40. Team outing at Wild Planet Jungle Resort, Ooty

Featuring a garden, Wild Planet Jungle Resort is situated in Devāla. All rooms feature a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a private bathroom. The property has a restaurant. Guest rooms in the resort are fitted with a kettle. Wild Planet Jungle Resort provides some rooms with mountain views, and rooms are fitted with a balcony. All guest rooms include a wardrobe.
41. Team outing at Destiny Farm Stay, Ooty

Situated in the pristine valley of Avalanchi, about 25 km past Ooty, Destiny The Farm Stay hotel is engulfed by a farm with revolutionary, eco-friendly cultivation methods. It offers a scenic view of the nearby lake and the hills enveloping it. Guests can relax and unwind from daily hassles within the comforts of this hotel.
42. Team outing at Club Mahindra Derby Green, Ooty

Spread across five and a half acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, Derby Green is an exquisite combination of modern amenities and old world charm. This old colonial structure has been painstakingly refurbished and offers comfortable stay and exciting activities for the entire family.

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