When the learning process is structured based on the science of experiential learning; employees acquire knowledge by analyzing and reflecting on their experiences after accomplishing an assigned task. In fact, the cycle starts from 

  1. Experiencing and, then moving on to 
  2. Learning from the experience
  3. Reflecting on the learnings
  4. Transferring the knowledge to their workplace.

“Success in Management requires learning as fast as the world is changing.” – Warren Bennis

The corporate outbound training programs help the senior management to introspect, re-identify their identity, assess the skill gap & up-skill and agile-ready to perform beyond the boundaries. Yes, as the technology is chasing the world to grow in various directions, it is imperative that the experienced employees can cope-up with the challenges.

What happens during the outbound training program organized for senior management professionals?

Before the outbound, the facilitator along with the organization creates a detailed plan for the outbound. Based on the objective, timeline & budget, they choose an activity, location and the venue. If it is a 3 or 4 days program, the facilitator plans the day-wise activities based on the skills to be inducted. Once the team is assembled, the facilitator de-briefs and conducts the team building game.

“Leadership is making others better as a result of your presence and ensure that the impact lasts in your absence” – Sheryl Sandberg

The core impact of the Outbound activity on your veteran employees

The team building activities for leaders and senior employees create a powerful impact on the attendees. The immediate reflection is self-awareness. As the participants experience through a new corporate game, they understand their real strengths and weaknesses. They will also be able to identify the impact of individual beliefs and assumptions that they have had till that day. Such awareness will help them to identify the ‘real’ persona in others too. The attendees are enabled to identify the strengths, weaknesses of their co-workers, subordinates and other stakeholders involved in their organizational growth.

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Once they understand about ‘themselves’ and ‘others,’ they get to see the impact their actions, reactions create on others. Such awareness creates accountability as a ‘senior persona’ and enables them to build the organizational brand. They get to see things from a different perspective that broaden their thought processes, in turn, inducing creativity and out of the box thinking.

Building Fundamental Leadership Skills while your Senior Employees participate in Outbound

Defining leadership has become a daunting task in this ever-changing business scenario. However, there are fundamental skills a professional in a senior management level must possess. For example, building Trust among co-workers is an essential capability that one must acquire. While participating in an outbound activity, the senior associates will be able to assess the impact they have created on the ‘trust factor.’ If the trust is not established, this opportunity will help them to determine the reasons. Not only the gaps, but the employees will also be able to make corrective actions to mitigate such gaps.

Likewise, the participants will also acquire the right communication skill and planning capability. For example, cook it up is a challenge recommended by the Trebound team if the requirement is to induct certain leadership skills. The teams are given a task to prepare a specific dish as a group activity. This corporate team building activity requires appropriate planning, delegation, communication & empowering, creativity, process deployment and most importantly, risk-taking ability. While having fun, they also observe how each one of them is using these skills to cook the recipe.

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.

Most of the times, the collective feedback received from the past attendees is how they identified a new ability that they were not aware of all these years. This self-awareness makes them feel young, heighten the excitement, in turn, the high energy brings in better focus on the learning. Yes, the learning here is the reflection from experience. More than preaching, teaching and other modes of inducing knowledge and skills, the ‘inclusion - learning through experience’ generates a long-lasting impact on the participants.

What are the key things to do after the corporate outbound training?

“One accurate measurement is worth the thousand expert opinions” – Grace Hopper, United States Navy Admiral and a computer scientist.

We are in the data-driven business world. It is highly essential that the learnings be measured and the reflection at the workplace is recorded appropriately. Only then, the investment can be reaped completely. The organization can take guidance from the facilitator on setting up the tools to monitor, track and measure the learning on chosen skills or the overall performance. Make them aware of it and encourage them to be conscious of their actions. Such consciousness will soon transform the capability into a habit.

When the key learnings become habitual, nothing can stop or block their and organizational growth.

Activities For Senior Management Outbound Training

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.