Best Resorts in Karnataka for Corporate
Team Outings

1. Team outing at Country Club Wildlife Resort, Bandipur

If you are looking at spending the corporate team outing in the laps of mother nature, the country club wildlife resort, Bandipur is the best place. Trebound can organize various skill building games here.
2. Team outing at Gorukana, BR Hills

The team outings are a great way to rejuvenate yourself and build various skills in your team. Trebound is the perfect partner when it comes to tailor-made team outbound near Bangalore.
3. Team outing at Heritage Resort, Hampi

Diving deep into challenges together and to work against odds, team bonding is important. Trebound can arrange a fun corporate team outing at Heritage Resort, Hampi and bond your team in remarkable ways!
4. Team outing at Hyatt Place, Hampi

Are you planning a getaway with your team for some off-site team building? Hyatt Place, Hampi offers a perfect blend of hospitality coupled with leisure in its perfectly manicured green grounds.
5. Team outing at Java Rain Resort, Chikmagalur

Improved teamwork is an efficient way for organizational success. An engaging and experimental team building event with Trebound at Java Jain Resort in Chikmagalur and experience great results!
6. Team outing at Kabini River Lodge, Kabini

Are you planning a team outing for adventure enthusiasts? Trebound conducts lot fun team building activities in Kabini River Ledge at Kabini. Check out the special features and amenities available here.
7. Team outing at The Kudle Beach View Resort & Spa, Gokarna

If you are planning to spend a corporate outing, paradise awaits at The Kudle beach view resorts, the most magnetic resort one could ever encounter. Trebound can organize a cost-effective program for your team.
8. Team outing at Royal Orchid Central Kireeti, Hampi

Cultivate a culture of bonding and respect with team building activities arranged by Trebound at Royal Orchid Central Kireeti, Hampi. It is time to inculcate the organizational culture and values.
9. Team outing at The Serai Resorts, Kabini

If you are looking at spending the corporate team outbound in the laps of the countryside, the Serai Resorts, Kabini is the best place. A fun outing with Trebound will make it a unique and serene experience for your team.
10. Team outing at Trivik Hotels and Resorts, Chikmagalur

Building a team bonding can be challenging. Trebound, through fun-filled activities, provokes group thinking, encourage people to work as a team and create a retreat at Trivik Hotels & Resorts, Chikmagalur.
11. Team outing at Club Mahindra Virajpet, Coorg

To achieve an organizational goal, having a dedicated and well-bound team is utmost important. Team Trebound understands and arranges a corporate team outbound for you in Club Mahindra, Virajpet, Coorg.
12. Team outing at The Porcupine Castle, Coorg

Escape from busy stressful city life and office environment. Arrange a unique team building event at Porcupine Castle in Coorg with team Trebound and encourage your team to interact and communicate better.
13. Team outing at Sanskruti Resort, Gokarna

Sanskruti Resort is an ideal spot for a team that wishes to spend some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With Trebound, your team outings would be perfect.
14. Team outing at The Serai, Bandipur

Build skills in your team in the laps of nature. Trebound will be the best partner to organize fun team outbound into the cosiest nook of nature and tucked away among Bandipur’s thick trees and hills.
15. Team outing at The Ibnii, Coorg

Team Trebound creates a memorable vibrant and totally effective team building event for your employees at The Ibnii, Coorg. Host a corporate outbound here and enhance productivity and success!
16. Team outing at Clarks Exotica, Airport Road, Bangalore

Trebound arranges fun team activities in Clarks Exotica, Airport Road, Bangalore and aid to improve in decision making, problem-solving skills in your team. It is time to strengthen team bonding.
17. Team outing at Elim Resort, Kanakapura Road

A fun team outing with Trebound in Elim Resort, Kanakapura Road is a wondrous escape into calm and serene environs. It is an upbeat destination sure to rejuvenate the city-slickers in your team.
18. Team outing at Golden palms Resort, Tumkur road, Bangalore

Trebound organises corporate team outings in Golden Palms Resort in Tumkur Road, Bangalore. The right venue with intimate environs, exquisite architecture and charming landscape to spend fun time with your team.
19. Team outing at Guhantara Resort, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore

How about a thrilling yet relaxing team bonding experience? Trebound offers amazing activities and ideas for corporate team outings at Guhantara Resort, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore.
20. Team outing at Golden Amoon Resort, Hoskote

Creating a diverse yet inclusive workplace is a challenge, cultivating leadership qualities is another. Trebound has simple and effective solutions to offer. A fun-filled corporate team outing at Golden Amoon Resort!
21. Team outing at Angsana Oasis Spa And Resort, Rajankunte

Trebound organizes your getaway at Angsana Oasis Spa And Resort, Rajanukunte, with amazing fun corporate team building activities. Keep your team well connected and build numerous skills.
22. Team outing at Palm Meadows Club, Bangalore

Join hands with Trebound and arrange an exciting and effective team outing in Palm Meadows Club, Bangalore. Indulge in relaxation and luxury and return energized to face challenges at the workplace.
23. Team outing at Royal Orchid Resort, Bangalore

Royal orchid resort is spread over 8 acres of lush green meadows that are piquantly inviting and Treebound always ensures an authentic and unforgettable life-changing experience for your corporate team outings.
24. Team outing at Signature Club Resort, Bangalore

Are you looking at cultivating time & resource management skills in your team? Trebound can organize a corporate team outing at Signature Club Resort at Devanahalli as a company-wide retreat and help build skills.
25. Team outing at Discovery village, Kanakapura, Bangalore

Discovery Village is the most sought-after resort for corporate team building activities and team offsite. Partnering with Trebound ensures that your team has the best time ever and build team bonding.
26. Team outing at Our Native Village, Bangalore

The only thing constant in the competitive business environment is change. Trebound can plan an exciting and eventful team offsite at Our Native Village at Hessarghatta, Bangalore.
27. Team outing at Prestige Golfshire Club, Bangalore

Prestige Golfshire Resort in Bangalore has a perfect combination of self-indulgent features and impeccable service. Trebound brings in ultra-luxurious experience to your team during corporate offsite.
28. Team outing at Ramee Guestline Resort, Bangalore

Looking for improving effective communication and harmony in your teams? Trebound has creative corporate team outing planned at Ramee Guestline Resort, Bangalore which will help you to improve the skills.
29. Team outing at Silent Shores Resort & Spa, Mysore

Trebound now conducts various team building games in a wonderful lakeside Silent Shores Resort. This resort in Mysore is designed to provide a welcome escape from the high-intensity environment.
30. Team outing at Goldfinch Retreat, Bangalore

Continuous improvement, problem-solving & time management enables any organization to achieve the success goals. Allow team Trebound to arrange a corporate team offsite for your team to develop the key skills.
31. Team outing at Kadkani Riverside Resort, Coorg

In today’s competitive corporate world, what do you think keeps your company on the top? It sure is the happiness of your employees. Pamper them with the best team outings at Kadkani Riverside Resort, Coorg with Trebound.
32. Team outing at Olde bangalore resort, Bangalore

Looking to bring your team together? Planning for a fun team outing? Allow team Trebound to arrange for an effective and perfect corporate team offsite in Olde Bangalore, Airport Road, Bangalore.
33. Team outing at RD’s Nature Retreat, Bangalore

Something incredible happens when the team works as expected. Team Trebound understands the importance of team building activities, organizes an effective corporate team outing at RD’s Nature Retreat.
34. Team outing at Eagle Eye Holidays Resort, Chikmagalur

Leadership skills are the best cultivated when trained through fun and experiential way. Trebound can help building such leaders in your organization while organizing team events at Eagle Eye Holidays, Chikmagalur
35. Team outing at Fortune JP Palace, Mysore

Heightened solidarity is an actual path to the triumph of any organization. Accomplish greater outcomes while Trebound arranges your corporate team offsite at Fortune JP Palace, Mysore!
36. Team outing at Kabini Springs Resort, Kabini

If your heart beats to nature’s tune then a blissful experience awaits you at Kabini Springs Resort. Trebound can organize a corporate team outing, a mini-escape for your team, in this heavenly abode venue.
37. Team outing at The Kings Sanctuary Resort, Nagarhole

How about making a difference with venue while planning your corporate team offsite? Trebound can understand your goal, make a difference in The Kings Sanctuary Resort, Nagarhole.
38. Team outing at Evolve Back (Orange County) Resort, Coorg

How about building skills in your team in an environment surrounded by the aroma of spices & Coffee? Trebound can organize corporate team outings and conduct fun team building activities in Evolve Back (Orange County) Resort, Coorg.
39. Team outing at Evolve Back (Orange County) Resort, Kabini

Organising corporate team outing requires careful planning and scheduling. Developing a partnership with Trebound will take away all the hurdles associated with team outings and you reap huge ROI.
40. Team outing at Pan Pacific Jal Mahal, Mysore

Enhanced teamwork is an effective path to the success of any organization. Achieve greater results while Trebound organizes your corporate team offsite at Pan Pacific Jal Mahal, Mysore!
41. Team outing at Parkfield Resotel, Hoskote

Park field resort in Hoskote stands an elegant edifice amidst the IT giants in Bengaluru’s cyber universe. Here with Treebound, your team can relax, recuperate and recharge during corporate team outings.
42. Team Outing at Radisson Blu Plaza, Mysore

Trebound now conducts various team building activities in an amazing Radisson Blu which is an easily accessible venue in Mysore. Your team spends more time in engagement games rather than traveling.
43. Team outing at Red Earth, Kabini

Do you have a team full of adventure enthusiasts? Trebound conducts a lot of fun team building games in Red Earth Resort at Kabini. Check out the special features and amenities available here.
44. Team outing at Royal Orchid Brindavan Garden Palace, Mysore

Managing change in the corporate environment could be quite challenging. Trebound can plan an exciting and eventful team offsite at Royal Orchid Brindavan Garden Palace, Mysore.
45. Team outing at The Taj Gateway Hotel, Chikmagalur

Give your team a vintage experience. Trebound organizes corporate team outings in The Gateway Hotel, Chikmagalur, the amalgamation of colonial architecture and modern amenities.
46. Team outing at The Serai Resorts, Chikmagalur

Choosing the best venue to conduct corporate team offsite can be challenging and confusing. Trebound can partner with you, understand your goals, conduct team building activities and organize team outings.
47. Team outing at Vivanta By Taj, Madikeri

Give your leaders an opportunity to rediscover themselves through a rich corporate team offsite experience in Vivanta by Taj, Madikeri. Trebound can make it more memorable and create long-lasting impact.
48. Team outing at The Windflower Jungle Resorts & Spa, Bandipur

The well-clipped backdrop of the Windflower Resort is the best corporate team outing places in Bandipur where Trebound can organize team outing. Let your employees engage in a lot of fun activities and relax.
49. Team outing at The Windflower Resorts & Spa, Coorg

The well-trimmed scenery of the Windflower Resort in Coorg is the best corporate team outing places recommended by Trebound. They can organize fun team outing and engage your employees in the multitude of activities.

The amalgamation of modern technological advancements and the strong foundation of cultural aspects makes Karnataka as a preferred spot when it comes to corporate team outings . The pleasant climate all through the year, lush greenery, and the nature clad environment have made the state a home for numerous resorts, home stays and tourist friendly hotels. The best part of these venues are the choices given to the clients to conduct fun team building activities along with serious business meetings.

Resorts in the Mother Nature’s lap:

Mother nature has gifted this state with lot greens, mountains, and wildlife which is well preserved as well. If you have adventure loving teams, you can have numerous options here. The beautiful and best resorts in Kabini, Madikeri or Coorg can be chosen if you want to make your teams relaxed and rejuvenated. The wildlife sanctuaries, the lodges, and resorts in Bandipur give you an option to let your team enjoy the night camps, trekking, and a safari.

Trebound can build lot adventurous team building activities that shape up risk taking and problem-solving abilities in your team. You do not have to spend time and effort separately to organise any sightseeing if you are involving families during the corporate team outings. The resorts provide rooms, suites and other amenities with beautiful and amazing natural views. One gets to relax and returns with the renowned energy.

The water based and beach resorts in Gokarna like venues offer spaces where the teams can relish both the body and the mind.

Resorts in the Heart of the City in Karnataka:

The capital of Karnataka, Bangalore, is a city and a home of numerous concrete corporate surprises by having amazing resorts in the heart of the city. One minute you are surrounded by noise and sound pollution the modern city life brings in. The next minute, once you enter into any resort, you are totally transformed into a different world.

The resorts like Windflower Prakruthi or Golden Palms provide lot indoor games and outdoor sports opportunities so that the teams can build several skills required. The clients will be amazed looking at the architectural astonishments in many resorts like Guhantara in Bangalore.

The city of temples, Mysore, is a home to a lot of beautiful resorts as well in Karnataka. The perfect venues like ‘Windflower’, ‘Silent Shores’ ‘Radisson Blu’ and other resorts & spa in Mysuru make it the right property to have your corporate team offsite .

The architectural monuments and history can help in making your teams understand the value of organizational culture and values. Such options can be explored by choosing one of the best resorts in Hampi or Chikmagalur where Trebound can organise your corporate events.

Resorts in Karnataka for one-day corporate team building activities

Organising one-day events or resort stays to conduct team building games can be challenging as it requires careful planning and execution. Trebound understands the vision and a goal, design and conduct the right fun team activities, book venues , organises the end to end event based on the purpose, taste of your team, the theme you want to have in order to build the skills and enhance team bonding. The Trebound team has already designed, tried and tested activities & games that elevate various capabilities for the team.

Browse through the list of Karnataka resorts before planning your next corporate team outing!

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