About Team outing at Arrow-hill Camp, Wayanad, Kerala

The pristine nature and lush greenery surrounding everywhere. Gaze at the clear skies and shining stars while enjoying every bit of your time. The charm of the place takes you miles away from the city life, the stress and worries of urbanization. The Arrow-hill campsite at Wayanad, in god’s own country, Kerala speaks volume of silence, serenity, and calmness.

Room, Type & Tariff

You will have tents all over the venue. The dome type tent provides a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for the guests staying at the campsite. The site can accommodate up to 45 people and it makes the perfect venue if you want to engage big teams for your corporate team offsite. You can also conduct a lot of activities and games at the venue for building many skills and giving fun time for your team.

Trebound can take away all the worries about conducting fun team activities. The site is completely picture-perfect if you want to engage your higher management team or a leadership squad and help them relax amidst chirping birds, amazing silence and nature filled environment.

The breakfast and dinner included at the package charges, and, inclusive of taxes as deemed.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT a shared campsite i.e. if 5 people book the campsite, then further bookings are not taken on the same date


Are you looking at planning corporate team building activities during rainy seasons? The campsite provides waterproof tents to make your stay comfortable. There is no need to worry about giving your team a relaxed sleep at night. The sleeping bags provided at the camp will take care of the good night’s sleep and make your team contented. The clean washrooms and hygienic dining area make the stay much safer and worry-free. You have car parking facility available at the campsite. The 24/7 caretaker at the site ensures additional safety and security of the belongings and environment.

The fixed veg and non-veg menu offered at the site takes care of your physical energy. The meal ensures that you are fit enough to handle all the fun and adventurous team building activities there.

Activities Possible (May Charge Extra)

The below activities can be entertained when your team stays at the Arrow-hill campsite. Certain activities are included in the package whereas some activities may be charged extra.

Trek to Ambukuthi Mala (Included in the package): The historic trekking experience in the Wayanad area, Kerala, the trek to Ambukuthi Mala is located at 12 km from Sulthan Bathery and near Ambalavayal. This trek is the perfect celebration if you have an adventurous team and an opportunity to build risk-taking ability in your team. The serene environs pushes all the worries and hustle-bustle out of life and induce lot creativity cladding with calmness.

Night Trek (included in the package): The night trek gives an amazing experience to the team. After tiresome yet energetic trekking at night, looking deep at the stars will make one delve deeper in-self and get lost in the world of supreme quietness. You can hear the silence of your heart and mind.

Gazing at the blank sky filled with stars and the nature filled troposphere will induce lot positivity which will further cultivate the thought of living differently. All the challenges look smaller and the team will be able to make a better decision with lot clarity in thought processes. This experience makes it one of the best corporate team outings your team ever had.

A Visit to Edakkal Caves: The meaning of ‘Edakkal’ which is ‘a stone in between’ says it all. The amazing formation of boulders naturally where a big boulder is placed as a bridge between two small boulders. A visit to this prehistoric cave located at a height of approximately 1000 meters on Ambukuthi Mala will create memories that live lifelong. You can also see 8000 years old carving of ancient tribal structures, a stockroom for lot pre-historic art forms and the signature carvings of human civilization from various phases.

Operations Months

The campsite is open all seasons and throughout 365 days a Year. Trebound can book the venue for your team, organize team building games and manage the entire event. 

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