About Team outing at Camp Shristi, Bangalore

"Getting good players is easy. Getting them to play together is the hard part."

People join us, work with us, grow with us and eventually settle. It is important to maintain that they don’t lose their ability to open up and have fun so that the productivity is not impacted on the job. Here’s when you should step up with team bonding corporate team outbound. A well planned and executed team building event can be a game changer for any organization.

The right place and environment

It is very important to choose the right place, perfect environment, and right activity engaging and interesting for everyone. Camp Shristi is one of the perfect gateway team outing resorts in Bangalore proving the right amount of adventure and fun. Experience the wilderness and a breath of fresh air! Camping has special advantages where people learn to face challenges with and to improvise with available resources.

Where is it located?

The campsite is located off Tumkur Road on NH4 at a distance of just 56 km from Bangalore. The easy accessibility is what makes it a perfect place for a corporate team outing in Bangalore. Nestled amid rocky Shivagange hills, the campsite is a perfect gateway for adventure loving people. Camping at this location is promised to give you the right amount of exercise and a good night’s sleep.


Camp Shrishti provides comfortable accommodation in alpine tents. There are 15 cozy tented cottages with attached bathroom and a facility to share with your team. You need not worry about the comfort as the campsite also has the provision of sleeping bags and foam mats. They also have common rest rooms separate for men and women. So come and enjoy a campfire, star gazing in clear skies and much more. Trebound can organize lot team building activities here to leave all worries behind and enjoy in the laps of nature.

Amenities and activities

The campsite takes care of your hunger pangs with full-fledged kitchen and a dining area providing a variety of dishes. They also have an amphitheater where you can enjoy plays/entertaining activities. A gazebo is a covered area where you will be able to enjoy face-to-face conversations and team activities. Arrange a camp fire session in the well-organized camping area and the members will start socializing and opening up. Some will come up with songs while others will get motivated to play the guitars or even play team building games!

A vast open field is where you will love to organize outdoor team building activities. Trebound can help you arrange some perfect team games and activities as per your choice. An effective corporate team offsite encourages teamwork, improve communication, make people productive and leave long lasting satisfaction.

It’s all about people. When your employees feel happy and valued, they perform better. Team outbounds offer excellent opportunity to come together, make teamwork part of company’s culture. The team which knows strengths and weaknesses of each other are better equipped to face any challenge that arises at the workplace. Capitalize on your ‘renewed together team’ and your success will know no bounds.

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