About Team Outing At Cloud 9 Hills Resort, Lonavala

Build A Team of Highly Engaged and Motivated Team with Team Building Activities at Cloud 9 Hills Resort

In this time and age of cut-throat competition, it is increasingly becoming significant to rely on human capital to help succeed and survive in the dynamic corporate environment. The benefits of team building activities and events have made companies and organizations aware of its significance. When planning to hold these activities for your employees, look up Cloud 9 Hills Resort, a beautiful property that has proper space and facilities to organize a diverse range of indoor and outdoor team building activities like Triggertronics, Roller Coaster, and Kontiki Boat Building. The serene and quiet ambience of the resort and scenic views helps them to feel relaxed and stress-free. Located at just a 2-hour drive from Mumbai and Pune, it is located in Lonavala, a hill station approximately 1500 feet above sea level. Employees enjoy the gentle hilly breeze, magnificent misty views, and fragrance of verdant greenery all around.

Where is it located?

Cloud 9 Hills is a beautiful property located at the approximately 2-hours drive from Mumbai and Pune at off Mumbai-Pune Highway. It is easy to access and reach as it is connected by diverse modes of transportation. Lonavala is a beautiful hill station located near Mumbai. The valleys and Sahayadri Mountains give magnificent views that soothe the soul and help a person feel relaxed. Its amazing location makes it a big hit as a tourist resort ensuring all the year-round occupancy. It has also turned out to be one of the popular team outing places in Lonavala.


The resort is nestled amidst peaceful surroundings overlooking the Sahayadri Mountain Range and deep valleys. The mist-covered mountains give impressive views to the guests staying here. Staying in this resort is nothing short of a heavenly experience. The accommodation is available in the form of cottages and bungalows. There are Deluxe Cottages, Hill Top Suite, Hill Top Deluxe Cottages, and 3 Bedroom Luxury Villas. The rooms are elegantly appointed with modern amenities and facilities that are necessary for a guest to enjoy a comfortable and relaxed stay. Every room offers magnificent scenic views that brings a sense of calm and peace to tired mind, body, and soul. Amenities like 24 Hour Hot and Cold Water, Satellite TV, Bathtub, Intercom, Refrigerator, Electronic Safe and more are available. Amazing views combined with modern amenities help people staying here to relax and feel ready to engage in a variety of team building activities planned for them. These activities aim to bring people from diverse backgrounds, skills, and capabilities to come together and tackle a task given to them. Their combined efforts help them to succeed and this feeling of achievement and collaborative efforts stays with them even when they come back from their brief sojourn at Cloud 9 Hills.

Amenities & Activities

The Cloud 9 Hills Resort has all the necessary amenities and facilities like wedding halls, conference rooms, a variety of exciting and engaging activities, picnic and more. These activities keep visitors completely happy and satisfied giving them an opportunity to relax. The scenic views of this sleepy, quaint town enveloped in light mist leave a mesmerizing effect. Visitors who just want to forget their fast-paced life and stress for a while feeling relaxed and happy in these surroundings. They are more open to indulge in team building activities planned for them. This positive attitude helps them gain success in the tasks entrusted to them.

The 7 Heaven Restaurant of the resort offers an extensive range of food and beverage options suiting diverse tastes and palate. High-quality, pure vegetarian food is served by highly courteous staff.

If you wish to enjoy your dinner under the starlit sky and close to mist-covered mountains, dine at Roof Top Restaurant where you can enjoy delectable cuisines served with a lot of flair and panache.

The Boat House is another place where you can enjoy scrumptious food while admiring the picturesque views all around.

Enjoy a hot cuppa of coffee at the Sunset Coffee House where you can have your breakfast while watching the glorious sun rising at the horizon.

This resort has enough space and suitable ambience to organize corporate team offsite activities that allow employees to relax, rejuvenate and reenergize themselves.

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