Team Outing at Elim Resort Bangalore

Where Serenity Meets Excitement
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Unwind in Nature's Embrace: Elim Resort, Bangalore

A Tranquil Retreat

Find solace in the heart of nature at Elim Resort in Bangalore. This hidden gem is more than just a destination; it's a haven where tranquility and recreational activities harmoniously coexist. Whether you're yearning for peaceful moments or thrilling adventures, Elim Resort promises a rejuvenating experience for all.

Seamless Check-In Experience

Your journey into relaxation begins with a seamless check-in at 10:00 AM. At Elim Resort, we understand the value of your time, ensuring a swift and efficient process that allows you to immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere without delay.

Comfort Redefined

Indulge in the comfort of our Comfortable Deluxe Rooms, meticulously designed to provide a retreat that combines elegance with homely warmth. Step onto Private Balconies Overlooking the Gardens, where nature's beauty unfolds before your eyes. Modern amenities are thoughtfully curated to enhance your stay, and our In-Room Dining Services cater to your culinary desires with convenience.

Culinary Delights

Savor a gastronomic journey at Elim Resort. Our Multicuisine Restaurant with Buffet offers a diverse array of culinary delights, ensuring there's something for every palate. For those who prefer al fresco dining, our Poolside Barbecue and Grill add a touch of excitement to your culinary experience. The Coffee Shop beckons with a variety of beverages, providing the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

Retreat in Numbers

With 25 meticulously designed rooms, Elim Resort ensures an intimate and personalized experience for every guest. The address, Serenity Lane, Bangalore - 560070, is not just a location; it's an invitation to a haven where serenity meets excitement.

Recreation Amidst Nature

Elim Resort goes beyond providing a comfortable stay. Engage in a variety of recreational activities, from leisurely strolls in lush gardens to more adventurous pursuits. The resort features well-maintained Nature Trails and Jogging Tracks, allowing you to reconnect with nature while staying active.

Your Gateway to Relaxation

Elim Resort is not just a getaway; it's your gateway to relaxation amidst nature's embrace. With comfortable accommodations, culinary delights, and recreational activities, we invite you to escape the ordinary and create memories that linger long after you leave.

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Booking Particulars

Check-In Time: 10:00 AM

Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM

Total Rooms: 25

Stay Facilities

  • Comfortable Deluxe Rooms
  • Private Balconies Overlooking the Gardens
  • Modern Amenities for a Relaxing Stay
  • In-Room Dining Services

Special Activities

  • Multicuisine Restaurant with Buffet
  • Poolside Barbecue and Grill
  • Coffee Shop with a Variety of Beverages

Elim Resort, Serenity Lane, Bangalore - 560070

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Testimonials from Blissful Retreats with Trebound

Explore the Impact of Trebound's Exquisite Stays through Shared Experiences – Illuminating the Path to Unforgettable Retreats and Team-Building Success Stories
The energy and enthusiasm the team brings is phenomenal, the activities are designed to be all-inclusive and keeping the core essence of team work and coordination. We have worked with them for two years now and would highly recommend, these guys are a fantastic team “the best people doing the job”  :)
Sarika Malhotra Anand
Great and fun time had by all! Very engaging facilitators, and a great way for our team to bond and solve puzzles together -- look forward to the next one!
Julianne Bell
Had a great team event with Trebound doing a murder mystery with team members Zooming in from 6+ countries and cities around the world. Very well thought out, great visuals that allowed our team to dig into various aspects of the case and suspects, and good structure to the session for breakouts, etc. Would definitely recommend.
Meaghan Shanahan
We have had 3 sessions with Trebound, they have always come up with unique team engagement activities, which are so fun also. Love having them, hope they keep creating new activities.
Shivam Jha
When it comes to Virtual Team Engagement, I think Trebound has done a fabulous job to make our event a grand success. The inhibitions we had were quickly resolved and the sessions we had before actually going live, took care of all the queries and gave us the confidence that we can make our "PMI Bangalore Chapter Voluntary Meet 2020" event a new experience in this new normal.
Yashita Arora


Team Outing at Elim Resort Bangalore
What makes The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra an ideal choice for a team outing?
The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra, offers a luxurious and tranquil setting against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal. Its opulent accommodations, impeccable service, and picturesque surroundings create an ideal environment for a memorable team outing.
Can team-building activities be arranged within the premises of The Oberoi Amarvilas?
Absolutely! The Oberoi Amarvilas provides spaces for custom team-building activities. Whether it's a conference room setup or an outdoor team-building session in their beautiful gardens, we can tailor activities to suit your team's needs.
Are there special arrangements for team meals and dietary preferences?
Yes, The Oberoi Amarvilas caters to various dietary preferences. Our team works closely with the hotel staff to ensure that all team meals align with specific dietary restrictions, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.
What leisure activities are available for the team during their stay?
The Oberoi Amarvilas offers a range of leisure activities, including spa facilities, pool access, and guided tours to the Taj Mahal. Your team can unwind and explore the beauty of Agra while fostering team camaraderie.
How can I ensure a seamless experience for our team during the stay at The Oberoi Amarvilas?
Our dedicated team works in coordination with The Oberoi Amarvilas staff to ensure a seamless experience for your team. From check-in to check-out, we prioritize your team's comfort and satisfaction, allowing you to focus on your team-building goals.
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