About Team outing at Gorukana, BR Hills

The beautiful and naturally kept venue, with no manicured lawns and pools, but an experience one will cherish for a long time to come and a perfect place to relax. The location is completely eco-friendly and anybody would love to inhale plenty of oxygen for healthy lungs. The staffs are friendly, pleasant, accommodating, caring, attentive and showcase a welcome attitude towards the guests. They serve tasty food as well that satisfies your taste-buds.

Where is it located?

Totally satisfying Gorukana is located on BR hills approximately 170 Km from Bangalore. Some part of the drive would be through the forest which makes the travel exciting. It’s also very close to the K-Gudi wilderness camp. The nearest Airport is Bangalore International Airport and one can reach the venue by road from there.

The resort delights its clients by offering high quality of services and promoting a positive, energizing, and fun environment. Walking through the green lush lawns, dining together, knowing your teammates families and through personal touch points, it is time to build a great team. Trebound organizes fun team outings in the most unique and comfortable locations that have a good mix of leisure and activities. Gorukhana is one among many places to feel nature around.

Special Amenities that teaches the cultural diversification

The resort arranges for early morning walk as well as bird watching which you never give a miss. The location of the Spa on the lake is just perfect for total rejuvenation. It is important to highlight the fact that you will witness a very culturally enriching program of tribal dance by Soliga tribals who live nearby. The current generation is studying and leading an honorable life, thanks to the founder of Gorukhana.

You get to dance around a bonfire with the children showing you steps too. You feel it's important to learn about their culture & roots and also feel it's important to protect this deep-rooted culture & traditions. There is also the opportunity to do a safari which brings in lot excitement and joy to the team. If the teams are accompanied by the families, Safari can be used as the best opportunity to engage the energetic kids. You stand a chance to watch the whole lot of birds, Indian gaur, barking deer, wild boar and even a leopard.

Rooms and Suites

The rooms are spacious and clean. They have cottages in the middle of the forest with coffee plants and pepper around. All the cottages and rooms have a picturesque view and have equal privacy. The starry night can be viewed from your rooms as they have French windows for all rooms. You can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature, the sound of the trees and birds. A river passing by makes the view all the more breathtaking. Those adventurous can try the tree room. They have a business center for small group meetings (less than 50). Over all, you can’t ask for a better place to unwind.

One’s destination
Is never a place
But a new way of seeing things - Henry Miller

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