About Team outing at Guhantara Resort, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore

Perfect for diverse needs

Let’s not underestimate the significance of choosing the correct place that fulfils the needs of the diverse workforce and provides a great experience at the same time. While you think about resorts for corporate team outing in Bangalore, Guhantara Resort on Kanakpura Road, Bangalore comes to your rescue.

Entertaining the employees alone is not enough if it is a team outing with family. This unique resort provides its services through different packages to cater to the tastes of the organizations during a team outing.

Where is it located?

Located just 85km from Bangalore, the location is an experience in itself!

A resort that too underground! Who would have imagined? But yes, this is real and, within 2 hours of driving distance from any Bangalore branches! Yes, even this time includes the time one takes to get out of Bangalore traffic.


This venue offers perfectly comfortable four types of rooms – Primitive rooms, Lithic rooms, Lithic suites and Cave Suites. Every room and suite is furnished with comfortable beds, coffee tables, and sit-outs. The suites also have comfortable sofas. Spacious bathrooms are equipped with nice and fresh toiletries and essentials.

Amenities & Activities

While you are at the resort, you never run out of activities to do. The unique cave design of the resort makes everything around it special and memorable. How about a walk along the herbal garden? it will be a huge stress reliever here. The services offered range from ethnic restaurant providing quick bites of comfort foods satisfying the taste buds and a lounge bar with signature wines ready to refuel the competitive teams.

Two swimming pools with a baby pool and an attached waterfall to its awe, where not only the team members but also the families and children can have a blast. The best place to have water-based fun team activities! The spa facilities are a major stress buster and rejuvenating experience. The uniqueness of this place is the cave design. Arrange a treasure hunt fun activity for your corporate team offsite and have a blast!

The conference room and auditorium that can house around 700 people at once can be useful if you plan to present quick annual results or some meetings and presentations. The resort also has kids play areas, rain dance, bonfire on demand, cultural programs on demand that will keep the little ones engaged and happy. The premises are wi-fi enabled and there is a doctor available on call if needed.

"You don't win with the best talent - you win with the five players who are able to play well together."

What else can we expect for a perfect outing which will rejuvenate & refresh the team and help to socialize & enrich the relationships? The resort gives an option to customize your experience offering various packages. From venue booking, planning games and activities to customizing experimental training, Trebound can take care of everything.

It is time to come and enjoy perfect team building games, an experience to remember forever!

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