About Team outing at Heritage Resort, Hampi

A Magical Vacation

Pause the stressful office life, take a step back into the past. Allow your team to relax and enjoy nature and make them feel pampered and recognized for the hard work. Arrange an outing in the magical surroundings of glorious Heritage Resort in Hampi, where every need is considered a priority and is taken care of with great care. Build Trust among your team and connect with the nature in clean surroundings.

Where is it located?

Located just 6 km from Hampi and 8 km from Hospet, the resort is 338 km from Bangalore and, it would be around 6.5 hours journey by road. Hubli airport is around 162 km from the resort and, by road, the journey would take around 3-3.5 hours.

As the name suggests, the resort offers a classic yet contemporary blend of joy, a history where the cultural values are revisited. The right place if the cultural values are to be incorporated in your team, completely in an enjoyable mode.


The resort offers three types of accommodations – Delux, Jacuzzi and Pool Villa. The villas are the perfect combination of Hampi’s antiquity and plush nature at the resort. The luxury and comfort is the first and foremost aim here. All the villas are equipped with basic and modern amenities including but not limited to plush and comfortable beds, internet access, tea and coffee maker, mini-bar and air conditioning.

The Jacuzzi villas offer large and luxurious jacuzzi and a private sit-out in addition. A pool villa with a private pool is the epitome of luxury creating memories to cherish. This also comes with a separate living room.

Facilities and amenities

Ever wondered about relaxing away from office stress and immerse in a magical world of literature? The dream comes true at the resort’s special Readers’ Shelf! The library is stocked with timeless classics and a variety of genre for every taste.

Besides offering regular luxurious amenities like a swimming pool, bar, kids playground, and conference rooms, board rooms, the resort also has a unique organic garden! The venue has a vast area reserved for their very own organic garden which they boast as “their patch of world”. The organic garden grows 40 vegetables and 35 kinds of fruits including a variety of mangoes in the summer season. The gardens also have custard apples, mud apples, bananas and many other fresh vegetables and herbs which are available for guests from farm to plate….fresh!

The spa in the resort in another amenity which offers perfect therapeutic treatment from across the world, including Ayurveda. The massages and facials allow guests to relax and kick away the stress of daily busy life and rejuvenate in the heaven of relaxed body, mind and soul.

"Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

Organise exciting team activities with Trebound, allow the team to know each other better while facing challenges in the activities. Any learning that’s coupled with the fun element and which allows experience, creates a long-lasting impression! 

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