About Team outing at Java Rain Resort, Chikmagalur

Out in style: Most comfortable resort

The daily life stress, the deadlines to meet, the schedules to follow, and, most importantly, beating the traffic for daily commute!! Head to a rustic retreat of Java Jain Resort and relax and recharge in the laps of nature. It is the place to sit back and relax while enjoying the connectivity to nature and not compromising on luxury or comfort. In the middle of an active coffee plantation of Chikmagalur, the resort is a perfect getaway for your corporate team outbound.

The Location

Located at a distance of just 4.5 hours away - 254km from Bangalore, this perfect destination makes your trip and stay memorable for many reasons. It is situated in Chikmagalur, a charming hill station. The resort offers the best opportunity for nature enthusiasts, adventurous trekkers, and explorers. This venue is nestled along Mullayangiri hills and provides spectacular views of Baba Budan hills on one side and panoramic view of Chikmagalur town on the other.

Rooms & Suites

Being among the coffee plantation, the room names are made interesting as they are named against different coffees. Kaffa is a single villa which comes with a spacious bedroom and a living room. Qahvas are twin-identical interconnected villas. These villas come with a private Jacuzzi. Fika is a presidential suite ideal for large families which comes with three bedrooms, one with private pool, another with Jacuzzi and the third with a fantastic view.

All villas are furnished with comfortable king beds, bay windows, and beautiful interiors. In addition to the comforts, the villas also provide spectacular views of the town and hills and are equipped with large deck areas. There is a mini bar, refrigerator, and TV in each villa.

Experience and Amenities

The world-class food in Mirra Restaurant offers the best experience of the culture of the resort. The cuisine offered includes Indian as well as western delicacies. Specially handcrafted cocktails are another experience to relish.

A unique experience in the resort is the infinity pool. It's addictive and surreal - nature all around.. and being in the middle of water, earth, and nature. The carefully detailed and strategically placed walkways and landscapes are perfect for soulful strolls. The spa offers professional Indian and Thai massages which are comforting and relaxing. Nature lovers can also enjoy the breath-taking beauty of sunrise and sunsets.

Activities for all ages include a playground for kiddos to trekking for adults. Indulge in nature quietly or take a splash in the vast pool... anything and everything to help you relax and enjoy. Arrange some team games like a scavenger hunt, pyramid building and nurture the team’s coordination and communication and mutual understanding.

"Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less ME and more WE."

Everyone carries the memories not only back home but to the workplace for times to come. The fun learnings and experiences prove long-lasting effects. Enjoying fun team activities together and help everyone in the team understand the power of transforming from ME to WE!

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