About Team outing at Pragathi Resort, Hyderabad

A popular family retreat in Hyderabad, Pragathi Resort is amongst the most affordable accommodation option in Hyderabad. A wellness resort that is designed in 85 acres of area and is surrounded by sprawling gardens, aromatic plants, medicinal plants, and herbs. The resort premise gives the guests the feeling of being very close to mother nature. You can notice an eco-friendly approach to every initiative taken with regards to all aspects of the resort.

Where is it located

This eco-friendly resort is located, about 35 km away from Hyderabad city, about 13 km from Osman Sagar Lake and 30 km from Golconda Fort. Furthermore, the Secunderabad Railway Station and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport are within 45 km reach to the venue.

Other Facilities and Amenities

The lush lawns and the location of this venue keep corporate teams quite happy. By feeling close to the skies, the teams get to enjoy the beautiful bird’s eye view of the surroundings and the scenic beauty of the rustic city. The exquisite cuisines are perfect for taste. It is an ideal retreat for the aware, creative and playful nature-lovers and anyone will be unsurprisingly absorbed in the serenity. The quaint ambiance of this remote 33 acres retreat and their warm hospitality ensure the perfect backdrop for conducting corporate team building activities.

Guests have an opportunity to enjoy Ayurveda therapeutic massages, therapies using aroma flowers and leaves, which helps in rejuvenation of mind and releases toxins from the body. Complete relaxation offered with an exclusive spa distinctly to revive your body and soul. The resort features a water park of high standards and ensures rain dance facility. The health facilities such as swimming pool, fitness center, yoga classes, and jogging tracks are also well maintained to take care of the guests.

There are multiple games like the-interlocker, double-dragon awaiting the corporate team from the treasure box of Trebound. Having all the necessary amenities handy makes it the most preferred destination for building numerous skills in the lap of nature during corporate team outings in Hyderabad.

Rooms and Suites

The purpose of retreating at this Resort is met perfectly by the stay options. You can pick your favorite from a colony of 32 cottages, each laced with rich flora. The spacious suites with elegant interiors wrapped in the lush embrace of greenery will ease you out a special feel. The rooms are perfectly designed and fit well into a corporate team.

This resort allows you to be seduced by the orchestration of delicate, fine-drawn sounds accompanying nature’s theatre. The beautiful ponds filled with ducks, the lovely sculptures, and the beautiful fountains await you at this luxurious resort. Great things happen when the time and space are right, and here you will second that saying!

“When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.” Joe Paterno

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