About Team outing at RD’s Nature Retreat, Bangalore

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success."

Job satisfaction and performance skyrocket when everyone in the team is equally engaged and feels ownership. The team works faster, thinks creative and innovates better. Ultimately everyone reaches a point where they are certain that each person on the team is there for one another.

Get refreshed amidst trees and mountains to restore freshness!

RD’s Nature Retreat in Bannerghatta road is the perfect relaxing destination for your team outbound. Energize among the cool breeze, the sound of chirping birds and a waterfall in this best corporate team outing resort in Bangalore. The nature retreat offers you an unforgettable calming experience which will surely make you forget the stress of the corporate world and the anxiety to meet the deadlines.

Where is it located?

The resort is located in Jigni on Bannerghatta Road in Anekal Taluk. When we say it's on Bannerghatta Road, there is no need for further explanation about what all you will find here. The greenery is all around you, the sight of wild mountains is surrounding you! Ragi Halli Forest is a nearby attraction for the wild adventure. Travel to Bannerghatta National Park or come to the Bangalore city, both are within reach.


When you plan to untangle the ties between the wild nature and human life, enjoy the wilderness and learn from mother nature. RD’s Nature Retreat offers you an opportunity to get close to nature by offering the accommodation in camping tents!

Enjoy the camping night, gaze at the starts whole night and open up at the campfire. Enjoy the fresh air, the cool breeze of the night and get a good night’s sleep doing something different and memorable. The picture-perfect solution to conduct a lot of fun team activities. If your team is not so adventure loving, the Retreat offers various accommodation options including European Plan, Continental Plan, Modified American Plan and American Plan. The offerings of stay facilities and meals differ with different options.

Amenities and activities

If you are looking for an adventure filled corporate team outing resort in Bangalore, RD’s Nature Retreat is the best place for you without a doubt. The retreat has rain dance floor, a swimming pool, and various adventurous sports to offer. It offers the best ways to understand, explore, live and love nature. Chill out at its lawn restaurant or savor test buds in cave restaurant.

Your team can go on trekking or fishing, on the other hand, if you want to relax, just take a quiet stroll in the lap of mother nature. It also takes care of your meetings or presentations, if any planned, in a convention hall which can accommodate 60-80 people. At the end of the corporate team outings, though each team is tired, they return refreshed. At the organizational level, employees tend to know each other better work together to achieve the common goal. Resource and risk management are important for the success of every endeavor.

So… head out with your team. Because Together Everyone Achieves More! Plan your team building games here with the help of Trebound.

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