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Team Outing at Sayaji Rajkot

Sayaji Rajkot – Where luxury unfolds amidst the vibrant tapestry of Gujarat.

Stay Description

Embrace the Cultural Tapestry at Saavaj Resort, Rajkot

Welcome to Saavaj Resort, where cultural charm meets the tranquility of the wilderness. Your journey begins not just with a stay but with an immersive experience that blends tradition and comfort seamlessly. Saavaj is not just a resort; it's your gateway to an authentic wilderness encounter.

Check-In to Wilderness Bliss

Your adventure kicks off at noon with a check-in time of 12:00 PM, marking the commencement of an experience that will stay etched in your memory. The 11:00 AM check-out ensures you savor every moment of your wilderness retreat.

Wilderness Safaris and Nature Walks

Embark on thrilling jungle safaris and nature walks, discovering the rich biodiversity of Sasan Gir National Park. The crisp air and lush greenery create an ideal setting for an adventure that brings you closer to nature.

Cultural Immersion

Saavaj Resort is not just about the wilderness; it's a celebration of Gujarat's rich cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in cultural experiences that unfold the traditions, art, and folklore of this vibrant region.

Serene Accommodations Amidst Nature

Retire to the comfort of our serene accommodations after a day of exploration. Each room is a retreat in itself, offering a perfect blend of modern amenities and the rustic charm of the surroundings.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Pamper yourself with Ayurvedic rejuvenation, a holistic approach to well-being that complements your wilderness experience. Let our skilled practitioners guide you on a journey to relaxation and vitality.

Beyond the Horizon: Birdwatching and Stargazing

Elevate your experience with birdwatching sessions, where you can witness the vibrant avian life that calls Sasan Gir home. As night falls, indulge in stargazing, marveling at the celestial wonders in the clear night sky.

Rustic Dining Experiences

Savor the flavors of Gujarat with our rustic dining experiences. Each meal is a culinary journey, showcasing the diverse and delectable offerings of the region.

Jeep Safaris and Local Village Visits

Explore the wilderness further with exhilarating jeep safaris, offering a closer encounter with the fauna of Sasan Gir. Venture into local villages, connecting with the community and understanding their way of life.

More Information

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Booking Particulars

Check-In Time: 12:00 PM

Check-Out Time: 10:00 AM

Total Rooms: 76

Stay Facilities

  • Cultural Events and Performances
  • Guided City Tours
  • Personalized Concierge Services
  • Historical Walking Tours
  • Private Dining Experiences

Special Activities

  • Spacious and Luxurious Accommodations
  • Exquisite Restaurants
  • Tranquil Spa Experience
  • Sparkling Swimming Pool
  • State-of-the-art Fitness Center

Vrindavan Society Main Road,Near Pradhyuman Green City Tower,Kalavad Road, Nana Mava,Rajkot, Gujarat - 360005,India

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