About Team outing at Shilhaandara Resort, Ramanagara

"You don't win with the best talent - you win with the five players who are able to play well together."

People learn in different ways. Experiencing something is usually far more effective way than studying or reading a book. Team building activities help members to identify ways in which they as well as their co-workers can contribute to the organizational success. This understanding can foster more harmonious workplace during times of crisis or disagreements.

A natural, rocky resort

Situated at the foothills of Ramnagara rocks, Shilhaandara Resort is a perfect place for a team outbound. Away from city traffic, surrounded by plush greenery the resort offers you a perfectly relaxing experience. The specialty of the place is natural, rocky surrounding and make it one of the best team outing resorts in Bangalore.

Where is it located?

Shilhaandara resort is situated in Ramanagara. Yes, the rocks give an opportunity of trekking while the greenery at the foothills takes you to the serene world. In between king’s city Mysore and chaotic Bangalore, you reach the tranquil place where you can enjoy a day out of modern busy life. If you plan to visit the glorious palace in Mysore or come and see hustle-bustle of Bangalore life, everything is reachable. So, the location in the middle of these two cities makes it a great place for corporate team outing in Bangalore.

Packages and stay

The resort mainly offers day packages with different options. Many indoor games and facilities are included in the tariff and the resort also has outdoor games and activities on offer. What makes the experience more interesting is the facility of CAMPING!

Yes, the tent stays are available for nature and adventure lovers. Camping is particularly useful to develop skills like problem-solving and resource management as the campers learn to improvise with available resources and tackle the challenges. Enjoy being close to nature and gaze at the stars all night long! The resort takes very good care of campers providing them bed tea/coffee, meals for the full day and access to all amenities.

Amenities and activities

Amenities include a vast swimming pool with a slider, restaurant and lounge bar. This is perfect for unwinding with nature and indulges in some rain dance with friends and family. Different packages can be customized as per the requirement of the diverse team and the resort has something to offer for everyone.

Energizing activities include special attractions like South India’s longest sky zipping, trekking the Ramanagara. Come with your team and get exhausted. The resort guarantees a perfect fun-filled and adventurous day and stay. Plan a fabulous, fun-filled team outbound at this peaceful place and return energized. Arrange some team building games with Trebound and you will be all set.

It is no secret that today’s work environment is demanding, planning fun activities is significant where employees can relax and recharge, especially come out of stress zones. They will maximize their creativity and return with more passion for their work. The understanding and coordination learned while executing fun team activities sure helps to make the workplace environment better.

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