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The picture-perfect escape for the team from the busy-bee lifestyle of the city, clatters and day to day tension. The Timberland and tranquil atmosphere, home to numerous wild animals, Kabini make it an exceptional experience. The jungle bejewelled fun team building activities can be conducted here where the patrons can relax and rejuvenate while building various capabilities and expertise. Trebound specializes in building memorable experiences that delight, fascinate and touch people’s heart.

The Serai Resorts sits on the banks of the Kabini river, 39 km from Sargur which is home to Asia’s largest herd of Elephants. Inspired by the waterfront, Kabini opens its doors to anyone with an exceptional interest in adventure. Being a protected land for wildlife and birds, it naturally becomes an ideal location for large group team bound activities.

Where is it located?

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The Serai is located in a village called Karapura, 220 km away from Bangalore, near the Rajiv Gandhi National Park and is adjacent to the Kabini River Lodge property. The resort is advantageously located on the banks of the splendid Kabini River and serves as a delightful gallery for enjoying the sight.

The Kabini River runs between Bandipur and Nagarahole, second richest National Parks at the foothills of the Western Ghats in Southern India. These forests cover around 1500 sq. km (580 sq. miles) and are a mix of tropical moist and dry deciduous types. The region around Kabini river supports tree species like Teak, Mathi, Dindla, Sandalwood, Rosewood and much more along with bamboo and other grasses.

Special Amenities & Facilities

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For all the nature lovers, there is a Jungle Safari, Nature walk, Bird watching & Mythology Safari are organized which will leave them truly enchanted. The outdoor activities like Boat rides & Bicycle trails will indeed prove to be a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for the Corporate team. The bonfire among the thick woods will keep up the team spirit and jolly good mood.

Rooms & Suites

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The resort has 8 Waterfront Verandahs, 11 Waterfront Villas and 1 stand-alone private Villa called the Residence, all deliberately placed to afford a clear view of the river. Luxurious, yet natural! The Waterfront Verandahs are packed with quite a few trappings of convenience & comfort with a separate open sky shower.

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The Waterfront Villas are luxurious cottages consisting of private sit out overlooking the river. The Residence is a private villa having its very own private sit out & hammock. The Verandahs and Villas are very well maintained and decorated to suit with the adoring mindset.

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To merge with a work culture so diverse, an organization today has to bring all its potential together for where such conducting off-site team building activities are highly recommended. These recreation activities would really be beneficial for any organization to even boost the morale and self-esteem of your precious employees.

“Nature has the capability to grasp the inner pictures of the Soul. Such soul-searching practice leads to self-realization and enhanced life experience”

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